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Read some 2018 RootsTech class presentations online through FamilySearch.

RootsTech, the largest family history conference in the world, teaches attendees about important research skills and useful resources. After RootsTech, return to this page to access content from 8 FamilySearch classes presented at RootsTech 2018. Refresh what you learned at RootsTech (or discover what you missed) with downloadable presentations, helpful links, and interviews with the presenters.

FamilySearch’s Future

What will FamilySearch look like in the future?

FamilySearch Apps

How to use FamilySearch mobile apps in your genealogy research.

Finding Records

Finding elusive family history records on FamilySearch.

FamilySearch & Ancestry

How to use FamilySearch and Ancestry together to make progress in your family history research.

Nordic Records

Find your Nordic ancestors with records from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and more on FamilySearch.

Hispanic Records

Find your Mexican ancestors with records from Mexico on FamilySearch.

WWI Records

Find your ancestors from World War 1 with records on FamilySearch.

Netherlands Records

Find your Dutch ancestors with records from the Netherlands on FamilySearch.


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    1. You can register to attend RootsTech here, but it is not free. The classes linked to in this post will have more free content posted later. For more ways to participate online, visit this page.

  1. I would like the handout from Michelle Goodrums class on Google photos that she suggested we download. but can’t find the app. Please help. Thanks. This was a helpful presentation.

    1. Susan,
      do you have access to a smartphone or device where you can download the free RootsTech app?
      The Syllabi for most of the presentations at RootsTech are available for free on the app.
      “The syllabus is available only through our mobile app for Apple or Android. There is not a desktop version.”

      I hope this helps. There were a lot of amazing classes!

  2. I would like to download the handout from Michelle Goodrum’s presentation on Google Photos. I can’t locate the app she showed. Is there another source to download it from. The presentation was very helpful for me. Thanks

  3. Will I be able to view the presentations given at 2018 Rootstech after Rootstech finishes? I would like to present the classes at our Family Discovery Day in May. I would appreciate it if you would get back to me and let me know. We would like to download the actual presentations.

    Also, I found that viewing the Rootstech conference this year was very trying. The whole process was incredibly difficult. We had no idea that we had to register and the whole process was made so difficult. In years past we simply clicked on the link and were able to watch the whole conference. This year was maddening. We missed out on the whole conference.

    1. Robert & Eileen, some classes will be available through Rootstech after the conference ends, but others will not. For the classes on this page, you will not be able to download the PowerPoint presentations. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  4. is this online classes you can take as you go. I like the video’s, like utube where you can learn at your own pace daily. I want to find divorce records online and print off so you don’t have to send off for like the marriage lsc. I knw people like to mae a $ but its costing m us alot too.

    1. Kaye, these are some of the presentations given at RootsTech to read if you missed RootsTech or review if you attended. I hope they’re useful to you!

    1. Donna, RootsTech is only held in Utah once a year. RootsTech is the largest genealogy conference, but there are conferences hosted by other groups in other areas. This article lists some of them.

      There will also be more content from RootsTech available on

  5. One of the FamilySearch classes that I attended at the conference was called FamilySearch Tools for Advanced Users, by John Huff. Are the slides that he used going to be available here also? It was a terrific class, and would be helpful for me to share with our area Family History Center staff.One of the other presenters said that all of the FamilySearch slides would be here, so I didn’t worry about taking photos of the slides. Hope that those can be shared! Thanks so much for your responses to all of our comments and questions.

    1. Geniel, we ran into some technical issues that have been resolved. The links should be working now! Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!

  6. I’m a little confused. Is there supposed to be a video or audio presentation? No matter what I click on, the only thing that happens is the download of a pdf file. Thanks for your help.

    1. Anne, we don’t have any video or audio of these presentations. If you’d like to view the information in the slideshow for these classes, you can download them as a PDF. Hope this helps!

  7. I would like to take classes on family search, I live in Courtice Ont.Canada Oshawa is my stake and Bowmanville is my ward.. How do I sing up for classes to learn how to do this. I am very interested. Thank you Evelyn Friend.

    1. Catherine, while not all of Rootstech 2018’s content is online, the content that is up is free. Additionally, information for Rootstech 2019 will become available here.

  8. I have never been to a conference like this. Planning for 2019. I am at a loss as to what to expect. Do I bring my files or some files to search.