RootsTech 2018 Access and Preservation Day

April 10, 2018  - by 

A host of family information is stored in valuable photos, books, newspapers, records, and more that are at risk of being lost. Efforts to preserve and digitally store these resources can save family histories for future generations.

Access and Preservation Day at RootsTech 2018 was a great opportunity to hear from some industry leaders who are taking important steps in preserving valuable information. Read from the highlights below to learn how certain organizations and libraries, such as the Internet Archive and the Allen County Public Library, are working to do just that. Find out how you can participate as well as access the irreplaceable digital archives they’ve preserved in the name of genealogy.

As Curt Witcher said, “As librarians and archivists, we are curating the stories of our lives.”

Preserving Digital Memories

How to preserve and access digital memories of family.

The Future of Digital Libraries

Why preserving books digitally is important to family history.

Digital Asset Management

Learn about resources to preserve and access digital records for genealogy.

Smithsonian and the Freedmen’s Bureau

Learn about records from the Freedmen's Bureau Project.


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