RootsTech 2012 Featured Presenters: Tevya Washburn and Kurt Francom

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Tevya and Kurt will be co-presenting 2 sessions at RootsTech this year. Let’s take a look at what they will discuss.

The Powers of Evernote: Photos, URL’s, Censuses, Geo-location, and Stories

This session for all genealogists will be held Thursday, Feb 2 from 3:00 – 4:00 pm MST.

Evernote is the best resource available for both note taking and sourcing. Browser plugins make it easy to save any web content, with the source URL. Evernote desktop is awesome for taking notes on webinars, and also for scanning documents and pictures directly into Evernote. The mobile app lets you take notes, record images of anything you see, record audio notes, and much more! And all of it is carefully indexed and backed-up to the cloud. Plus Evernote is free, with a paid option available for serious users. Because of all these features, Evernote is a perfect app for genealogy!


Awesome Family Websites: Record Your Living Family History

This session for all genealogists will be held Friday, Feb 3 from 9:45 – 10:45 am MST.

Family history is done for both the living and the dead. This class will cover specific options of family websites that allow your living family to communicate privately with each other, all the while creating a family history by recording those communications. We will demonstrate one of these options, and how you can easily manage it. We will then look at several examples of extended families and how their relationships changed since implementing a private family website. Finally, we’ll look at some options to incorporate sharing and collaborating on genealogical records amongst your family, or any group you choose.

More about Tevya

Tevya WashburnTevya is a self-taught designer, entrepreneur, life-hacker, writer, and family man. Tevya has always been excited to learn new things. Looking to innovate and maximize effectiveness, Tevya discovered “life-hacking” then started and applied the approach to FiddlerStudios web solutions, his small business consulting and web development company. FiddlerStudios soon became a full-time job for himself and several other people sprinkled around the world. His non-traditional approach allows FiddlerStudios to provide exceptional marketing education, websites, and other tools to small businesses at prices they can afford.


More about Kurt

Kurt FrancomKurt has years of training and public speaking experience. Along with Tevya Washburn he is helping local businesses unlock the power of the web and help them build their business online.

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