How to Review Indexed Batches

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When you review a batch in web indexing, you check over a batch that was indexed by someone else. You determine whether the information was indexed correctly, and you make any needed corrections.

Becoming an Index Reviewer

You can qualify to review records after you index 1,000 records in the web indexing system. Once you are a reviewer, you will begin seeing the Review button when you look for a batch to index or review.

Reviewing Batches

If you are new to the review process, it can be helpful to index about as many records as you review. In this way, you can more easily remember the requirements of the project while still minimizing the number of batches waiting for review.

As for the actual review process, here is a simple how-to:

  1. Go to the home page, and hover your mouse over Indexing in the top toolbar;  then, in the drop-down menu, click Web Indexing.

2. On the web indexing page, click Find Batches.

3. A pop-up screen will appear. On this screen, select a batch to review in a project you are familiar with. You can sort by difficulty and language or use the Search bar to find a specific batch.

4. Next to the name of the batch you want to work on, click Review.

Screenshot of web indexing batches selection

5. Read the project instructions, which you can find by clicking the Project Instructions icon in the toolbar.

A screenshot of index review instructions

6. Compare the information in each field with the information in the document.

7. If the information in the field is correct, click the check box with your mouse, or press Tab or Enter, and the box will be checked for you.

Screenshot of checkmarks for indexing review

8. If the information is incorrect, type the correct information, and then press Tab or Enter to move to the next field.

9. Add any missing entries requested in the project instructions, or remove any entries that didn’t need to be indexed.

10. If you have looked over all the information and determined it was indexed correctly, you can also click the box next to “I’ve verified every field,” which will automatically add a green check mark to all the unchecked boxes.

11. After you have reviewed every entry on every image and there is a check mark or red arrow icon next to every field, submit the batch. Quality Check will make sure you verified every field.

Screenshot of finishing index reviewing

12. Celebrate!

You can ignore some things as you go through the indexed fields. They will automatically be corrected during the publication of the project. These include the following:

  • Punctuation
  • Capitalization
  • Fields marked <Blank>

If you come across a batch that would take a lot of time to fix, you can send it back for reindexing and find another batch to review. There is a large backlog of indexed records waiting for review, so your time is likely best spent getting on to a new batch.

A screenshot of sending an index batch back

You can keep the data that was already entered or delete it if it is completely wrong.

To send a batch back for an indexer to finish, click the Batch in main menu, and then click Reindex Batch.

Screenshot of reindexing batch option

Thank You!

We are so grateful for the time you take to volunteer. Every name you index or review represents an ancestor that a family can now find!

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  1. I review the Colombian records. It is clear that many non-Spanish speakers try to Index these records. I spend more time fixing mistakes than it would take to index the record. If I make the corrections, what happens next? Are they reviewed again? In cases where entries have been omitted, I add them during review. Are my entries then reviewed by someone else?

  2. If you are unfamiliar with an area and a town name seems incorrect, please double check to make certain the information is indeed correct. For example, I live in NJ so know that Cape May Courthouse is actually a town. When I was indexing, I entered that in a record and the reviewer changed it to I believe Cape May, obviously thinking no one would name a town Cape May Courthouse. Surprise! While near Cape May, it is an actual town. So, if the town name doesn’t seem correct, double check it on the Web — that usually has even the smallest oddities.

  3. It is my opinion that instead of a requirement to have indexed 1,000 records from any project to be a reviewer, a better requirement to ensure accuracy would be to index 10 batches from the project being reviewed.

    Also, can FS please allow indexers either to see the results of reviewing or else receive messages from reviewers with advice on how to improve. In the projects I have been reviewing there has been a noticeable drop in quality since web indexing was introduced. If indexers could learn from their mistakes, I believe accuracy would improve greatly