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Resources for Family History Leaders

New pages on give priesthood and auxiliary leaders resources and information concerning family history in wards, stakes, districts and branches. These pages can help you in your calling as a family history center director. Understanding the doctrine and promised blessings of family history can strengthen your faith in the importance of the work you do, help you support local priesthood leaders, and work more effectively with others in your unit who have family history callings.


To access these pages, either click here or go to and select Families and Individuals on the blue tool bar.

Next, select Family History and then Callings in the left hand column. From the drop-down menu, select Leader Resources (not Family History Callings).

Once on the Leader Resources page you will see five headings along the side of the page:

  • Exercising Priesthood Keys
  • Get Started
  • How to Organize
  • Tools and Resources
  • The Importance of Indexing

Under the Exercising Priesthood Keys and How to Organize headings you can see how your calling as a family history center director fits into the priesthood plan for family history. Your local leaders may enlist your help as they strive to further the work of salvation in your area. None of you is alone as you work together to bless the lives of your local members.

If your priesthood or auxiliary leader has questions about how to get started in his or her own family history work of Find, Take, Teach, you can point him to the Get Started section. In addition, the Tools and Resources section is a rich collection intended to put links to resources all in one place. Finally, The Importance of Indexing section is just that: a guide to the whys and hows of Indexing. This page also contains a powerful video telling the story of one member recounting his story, “Redeeming the Dead Redeemed Me.”

As always, remember that there are pages on specifically for you as a family history center director to help you in your calling. Use this link: to access these pages.

Reviewing the pages on for priesthood leaders will give you a greater understanding of the doctrine of family history work. As we learn doctrine, our capability to “go and do” is increased. True conversion occurs as our hearts turn to our ancestors. Use these tools to work together with your local priesthood leaders to Find, Take, and Teach.


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