Make the Resolution to Find, Take, and Teach in 2016

January 25, 2016  - by 


January is the time we set resolutions for the new year—make one of yours to Find a name, Take it to the temple, and Teach someone else to do the same.

There is a reason behind my challenge: There is so much good that comes when you experience the Spirit of Elijah for yourself first, before you work with others.

When you are able to find your own names to take to the Temple, your ever-growing testimony of this work will enable you to more effectively help others in their efforts to experience the same joy.

I encourage you to capture both halves of the blessings of the temple in 2016 by making Find, Take, and Teach part of your life.

Elder Quentin L. Cook made this promise:­­­ “As an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, I leave my blessing upon you, with a promise: that if you look beyond the bonds of time and mortality and help those who cannot help themselves, you’ll be blessed with more closeness and joy in your family, and with the divine protections afforded those who are faithful in his service.”

You can watch a video of his promise and find out more about how to Find, Take, and Teach. May you be blessed in your efforts this coming year as you work on this great cause to fulfill your divinely appointed responsibility to discover members of your family and submit their names for temple ordinances. I know you will be blessed in your efforts!


Steve Rockwood

Steve Rockwood is the managing director of the Family History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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  1. I’ll Find, Take and Teach after i merge duplicates where temple work is already completed, clean up bad data if it exists by attaching sources, and then I’ll know for sure I’m really related to the folks listed on Family Tree. Not that simple!

    1. Don’t you just love how the Family History Department has made it so easy to do that?

      Yes, it is frustrating to learn the work has been done several times, but we thank you for taking the time to clean up your records, so others aren’t as frustrated.

      When you have thousands of people working on the same lines, we are lucky they are not in worse shape.

      Gentle hugs from a distance,

  2. I love how you shared the truth in this statement. I have been striving to teach this same principle with all those whom I am honored to help find their families.

    Too many times people just jump in and try to go back on one line as far as they can, not really checking things, and then, they learn they were on the wrong lines.

    One good things is, as they find and then attend the Holy Temple with that person, and they feel that wonderful Spirit of confirmation, they are blessed to slow down and really help the entire family. I know in this is there more joy than just merging and joining those whom you don’t know or take the time to get to know.

    May God bless you for teaching others in such a good way. Too bad I am not 60 years younger. Blush

  3. Thanks for the newsletter for consultants to “FIND, TAKE, TEACH” edify our calling!!
    What a great and glorious work our CHURCH is and the joy of genealogy has given me great comfort in knowing that my loved ones will be given a chance to know GOD!!!

  4. Last year the records of Moerbeke were indexed. Couple weeks ago I serached for my mother’s line in Moerbeke. Within a couple hours I had all information of 32 persons so that I could submit these names for templework. The coming months I will perform the temple ordinances. I made already appointments with some members to go through the same steps as I did. This brings really joy!

  5. I love finding my ancestors more than breathing and am so grateful to them. I wish with all my heart that more emphasis was place on this great work like it is on missionary work. I am a family history consultant in my ward and try my best, but I really feel like until our leaders need to catch the vision of it instead of genealogy being some class to be stuffed between family relations, and temple prep, etc. For me I have found that Family history work is a daily walk with deity and those who have traveled beyond the vale. it is not a research project, it is helping individuals receive exaltation. They wanted it and will help us help them. I can’t tell you the many times this has been proven to me. Is there something I can do to help those who I serve with and those I serve to catch a greater vision of what this work really is. It is a form of missionary work beyond this realm.

    Thank you so much
    Sister Williams

  6. The work of Finding, Taking and Teaching goes beyond the act of doing, it brings families closer to ancestors and enriches the process of those doing the research in knowing the true value of service for others.

    I am also humbled in knowing arbitrators efforts to review and confirm work of others is a testament to the continued efforts of many in a common goal of reconnecting families to their ancestors.