FAQ — 2-year Reservation Release

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  1. Which ordinance reservations will be released?

Any reservation older than two years will be released if no ordinances have been done on that reservation within the last 2 years.

  1. Will reservations that are shared with the temple be released?

No. Any reservations shared with the temple will remain in the shared temple file and will be made available to those visiting the temple without family name cards.

  1. What if I have already printed a family name card? Will those reservations be released?

If the reservation is older than two years old, yes. The family name card will still be valid at the temple, however. Keep in mind that completing temple work from family name cards that were printed more than two years ago increases the chance for ordinance duplication. It is recommended that users check the person’s ordinance summary in Family Tree to see which ordinances are completed before using the card.

  1. What about reservations that cannot be done because an earlier reservation has not been completed? Will they be released?

Yes. There are cases where persons have sent baptism and confirmation ordinances to the temple while holding initiatories and are blocked from doing the initiatories until the baptism and confirmation are done. Currently we cannot check to see which reservation is blocking one of your reservations. If your reservation has been blocked for more than 2 years it will be released.

  1. Will reprinting the family name card reset the reservation date?

No. Reprinting the card does not change the date when the reservation was made, or when the most recent ordinance was completed.

  1. What about reservations that I have reserved to prevent ordinances from being done?

Any ordinances that are inactive for more than 2-years will be released. If you see a reason to prevent ordinances from being done, you will need to un-reserve and re-reserve the ordinances or share them in order to prevent their release.

  1. Will any of these released names be automatically shared with the temple?

No. Our experience has shown that other family members (some you may not know) are anxious to take these ancestors to the temple, and we believe the released ordinances will be reserved quickly. However, we will monitor all released names and track them so none are lost.

  1. What happens to reserved ordinances that are waiting for other ordinances to be completed by someone else before they can be performed?

Inactive ordinance reservations that were made more than two years ago will be unreserved regardless of any connection to another ordinance. If you wish to keep these contingent ordinances associated to your account, you can unreserve and then re-reserve them. Once ordinances are unreserved by FamilySearch, they can be reserved by you or others once the other required ordinances have been completed.

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  1. I noticed I have several ordinances reserved in Sept of 2019 with an expiration of December 2019. Should they have an expiration within a 3 month window or 2 years like the site indicates ordinances are reserved for?

  2. I see family names that have been reserved by someone else and show as being “shared with the Temple”. Does that mean that I can somehow get the ordinance made available for me to complete?

    1. Unfortunately not, once ordinances are shared with the temple they are in the stewardship of the temple. The good news is you can trust that the work will be done for that ancestor!

      1. I have had temple work for males shared with the temple since 2011 for endowmwnts. Should I be concerned with the length of time?

  3. I am going to the Sydney Temple in November this year 2019. I wish to do the sealing of Mary Shaw to her husband Duncan Macfarlane, What will I need to do to have the sealing to spouse ordinance done in the Temple?

        1. Great! If you add their marriage certificates to their sources and add their correct marriage date that is enough proof to do their sealing.

  4. In Family Search, I used to be able to click on “Temple” and it would search my whole family tree. Now when I click on “Temple” it only brings up names that I have reserved. How can I search my whole family tree again for temple ordinances?

  5. I just started looking up temple ordinances under my name and am so grateful that I’m able to take names that are listed especially when I see family members. This is a wonderful opportunity to do work for anyone on the other side who have been waiting for a long time. Living in Salt Lake area, we have so many temples and so many opportunities to go. I take these names on a weekly basis, once, twice and sometimes three times a week. Thank you and ever so grateful.

  6. I reserved some names to do work that were shared by another person. I was unable to complete them before the deadline. I released the names, thinking I would reserve them again. They show as reserved by the same person and shared with the temple. Family search says temple work is in progress. Does that mean they are no longer available to be reserved and done by me? These are the names Pieter Moenen
    1793 – 7 March 1822 • L1ZC-SSY, Jacobus Moene
    1795 – Deceased • L1ZC-3J9, Steven Moene
    1804 – 24 April 1877 • L1ZC-H8C​​

  7. So I have some name cards that were released, seeing as they hit their 2 year reservation period. I have one ordinance that I somehow never caught and would like to complete the ordinance. I was informed that the expired names were shared with the temple. Can I still reserve a name again and perform it before someone in a temple prints it?