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Thousands of people gather from countries around the world to attend RootsTech, the world’s largest genealogy conference. With so many family history enthusiasts under the same roof, it’s only a matter of time before someone looks around and wonders, “Is anyone here related to me?”

Now they—and you—can find out who’s related by using your phones and the FamilySearch Family Tree mobile app.

Simply open the Family Tree app on your phone, and at the top of the screen, tap the Find Relatives at RootsTech banner. To allow the app to show how you’re related to other conference attendees, tap Yes, Opt In.

Find your relatives at RootsTech 2018
How to use the FamilySearch app to find relatives around you at RootsTech 2018

Once the app has finished searching, you’ll see a list of RootsTech attendees who are related to you, with their name, photo, and relationship to you. Tap on any person from the list to see more details about how you’re related. You’ll be able to see people on your list right away, but note that it may take up to 20 minutes for you to appear on the lists of other conference attendees.

Connect with your living relatives at RootsTech 2018
Connect with your living relatives at RootsTech 2018

If you want to send a message, go to the top right corner of the screen, and click the Message button. Then you’ll be able to write a subject line and message to get in touch with your relatives. You can chat about your common ancestors, arrange a time to meet up between classes, or just say hi. It’s up to you!

How to connect with your living relatives at RootsTech 2018 using the FamilySearch app
At RootsTech, you can find out about your ancestors as well as your living relatives.

And as an extra bonus, FamilySearch has a special gift for every RootsTech attendee who meets a distant relative using the app, takes a photo together, and adds it to the wall of the FamilySearch booth in the Expo Hall.

RootsTech is all about making connections with family, and this is a great way to do that. You might have more in common with the person next to you than just your class schedule. Download the Family Tree app now, and find out!


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  1. Please, how do correct a record? (My grandfather’s birth year)
    How to I delete a person on my tree that was put there in error?

    1. Leslie, do you mean correct the indexed information? Have you been able to view the actual record to confirm that the indexed information is incorrect?

      You cannot delete a person, but you can remove incorrect relationships to remove the person from your tree. Read this article for more information: Correcting Parent-Child Relationships

    2. Thank-you for this feature. I remember trying to connect with related researchers for decades. Now 300 names pop onto my app. I’m wondering if the list will remain after the conference. I’m wondering if you can create a new tab pull down for researching relatives from the individual record. I think there must be some computer sorted way to resort the names. It might have been great to find a close relation researching but after decades of being solo anyone is rejoiced over.

      Is this the first time that you have offered the list?

      Thanks so much

      I spent lots of time and postcards using the genealogical helper lists. Never got a connection.

      1. There is a feature called Relatives Around Me on the Family Tree app that does the same thing, but you need to be nearby other people while they’re using the feature at the same time to find relatives. Here’s an article about it: Relatives Around Me

  2. What you’re doing is a great opportunity to make connections with family. I think more people should know about the FamilySearch Family Tree mobile app. Relationships are worth more than we think.

  3. I just upgraded my Familysearch Family Tree App but still don’t have the Relatives at Rootstech banner – would this be because I am an Australian and not expected to attend Rootstech? Does the app differ for people in different areas of the world? BTW – I have arrived in St Lalake City already and am preparing for Rootstech.

    1. Glad to hear you’ll be joining us for RootsTech! The Relatives at RootsTech banner will appear during RootsTech when you open the app from inside the Salt Palace Convention Center. It should show up regardless of what part of the world you’re coming from. If you still don’t see the banner then, let us know!

    1. Paul, the banner will appear based on location to everyone who is at RootsTech. If you attend RootsTech and still don’t see the banner while you’re here, try updating your app or making sure you’ve given the app permission to use your phone’s location services.

    1. Bob, the Relatives at RootsTech feature was only available during the week of RootsTech to those who were attending the conference in Salt Lake. Try Relatives Around Me on the Family Tree app if you want a similar feature wherever you go!