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For the past few years, RootsTech has offered a way for people to see if they are related to other RootsTech attendees around them—and this year is no different! Although RootsTech Connect 2021 will be virtual, you will still be able to discover relatives who are participating in the event.

After signing up for Relatives at RootsTech, you will be able to see how many of your relatives have also signed up for the experience and plan to attend RootsTech. You won’t be able to view specific relatives until the week of RootsTech. For more information, check out the Relatives at RootsTech’s FAQ.

How to Find Relatives at RootsTech

To find your relatives at RootsTech, you will first need to opt in to the RootsTech relative finder experience. You can opt in either from your browser or from the FamilySearch Family Tree app.


Visit, and sign into your FamilySearch account (or create a free account if you don’t already have one).

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Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be taken to a registration page. Here, you will need to opt in to the Relatives at RootsTech experience. Be sure to click the Join Relatives at RootsTech option before you click the Register button.

join relatives at rootstech checkmark.


On your phone, go to the Family Tree app. You will see a banner at the top of the screen about Relatives at RootsTech. Tap it. Fill out the RootsTech 2021 registration information, and be sure to select Join Relatives at RootsTech.

After you’ve registered, you will see information about how many relatives you have at RootsTech. When RootsTech begins on 25 February, you will see a list of people around the world that you are related to! To get back to the experience, tap the more menu, and select Relatives at RootsTech.

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How to Make the Most of the RootsTech Relative Finder

Want to improve your chances of finding relatives at RootsTech? FamilySearch makes connections based on the family trees of RootsTech attendees, so the more information you have added to your family tree on, the better! Try to have at least the first four generations added to your tree.

Another way to increase your odds of finding relatives is to share the experience with others around you. Scroll down the page, and click the Share button to copy the page link or share the page to your social media feed.

The share button for relatives at RootsTech.

While you’re waiting to find your relatives at RootsTech, discover famous relatives!

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  1. I’m only seeing my paternal side. When I click on “maternal,” it states the following: “Find connections by adding to the Tree. The more generations you have in Family Tree, the more cousins at RootsTech you are likely to find.” I already have the maternal side of my tree populated. What do I need to do so I can see relatives on my mother’s side?

    1. Hi Stephanie! Thank you for your question. The more generations of ancestors you have on your mother’s side the more likely you will be able to connect to living relatives IF those relatives are also participating in this Relatives at RootsTech feature. On your mother’s side, do all of the ancestral generations have siblings and descendants to the present time?

      1. They do. Several generations, in fact. In the app, however, I’m noticing something really odd. Even though my tree expands, the individuals don’t show connected to one another. For example, my grandmother’s parents have an “add spouse” and “add parents” button, even though the tree shows them as connected. On the computer, however, they’re connected.

        1. Hi Stephanie! Thank you for your feedback. I’m not sure why you are experiencing that with the app. You may want to uninstall and reinstall the app and see if it fixes for you. It seems that the cache of the app isn’t cleared properly. Another way to drill down more on your maternal line is to select maternal in the app or the website and then select locations and drill down on states. It may be that you have the connections for your mother at the conference, but you may have more closer related relatives of your paternal line, so you aren’t seeing the ones for your maternal line within the initial 300 cap. This is how it works for me though opposite with my paternal line. Try that and see if you are able to get it to work.

  2. I have been trying for 6 hours today to find my relatives but i am always told to try again in a few minutes. I understand that today will be very busy as this is the first day of rootstech and i had no problem viewing them yesterday. I’m wondering if the situation will be resolved soon.

  3. Family search me ha permitido armar mi árbol genealógico hasta aproximadamente el año 1600 esto es una bendición Celestial. gracias

    Google Translate – Spanish to English: Family search has allowed me to put together my family tree until approximately the year 1600 this is a Heavenly blessing. Thank you

  4. With thousands of relatives showing up I find myself wanting to know which family line connects us. Of course I can do that by clicking “how we are related” but that requires 2 clicks for each of the thousand of relatives. Could you list next to their name our common ancestor? Or pop it up if I hover over the name? I know this would take a significant time to process and load but maybe fill it out as it becomes available from the first on the list and working downward.


    1. Hi John! Thank you for your feedback. This feature already exists on the FamilyTree app version of Relatives at RootsTech. You can use the filter “Common Ancestor”. It is not available on the web browser version.

  5. Hello, I have tried the Relatives at RootsTech feature. I think it is great. A cousin and I have both used it and we both have the same question, Is there a way to search for relatives that are related through a specific ancestor?

    We have not yet found it if there is. If this doesn’t exist at present, would you please think about adding this in the future? I think it could really help people with finding relatives who could help with their “brick” walls.

    1. Hi Jeanne! Thank you for your feedback. Yes! This feature already exists on the Family Tree app for Relatives at RootsTech. You can filter by Common Ancestor. In the future it will be available on the website version, but wasn’t ready for this year. Check it out on the app!

  6. I don’t see the Could you be related to any of your friends or the share button with it. Where would I find this?

    1. Hi Melissa! Thank you for your question. You can access the Relatives and RootsTech feature on either a web browser or on the FamilySearch Tree app. On the app, there is a banner across the top. On the website, visit this page: Currently the Facebook friend feature is turned off due to the volume of connections.

      1. Okay that is the feature I am looking for. The banner on the app doesn’t show that. If it is disabled, how come some are still able to share and connect? Will this feature be enabled again?

        1. Hi Melissa! Relatives at RootsTech is still functioning. I’m not sure if the Facebook friend sharing option will be enabled again for this conference. You can keep checking the website to see if it works again.

  7. The share option to social media is not showing up when I log into my account on the connect page. Where can I find that?

    1. Hi Emilie! Thank you for your question. The feature to share and connect with Facebook friends is currently disabled due to the high volume of connections.

  8. The online web page shows there are 129 relatives online, but when I try to view them I just get “Oops, something went wrong. Please refresh the page.”

    I’ve tried several times, and refreshed even more times but still the same. Does it work on Safari browser on iPad? I also got the same when I requested the desktop page.


    1. Hi Holly! Thank you for your question. The Relatives at RootsTech feature will end at midnight on Saturday 27 February 2021. You can add 150 of your relatives to a friend list in the feature and those relationships will be available until 20 March 2021. Also, anyone that you message in the Relatives at RootsTech feature, those messages are available to you in the messaging tool of FamilySearch and you can continue to communicate forever.