Relative Race—A New Show on BYU-TV

February 18, 2016  - by 

What would be more amazing than a race to not only have a chance to win $25K, but to find and meet relatives you didn’t know you had? BYU-TV has the exclusive showing of a new reality TV series called Relative Race. The show will air with 11 episodes starting on Sunday, February 28th, 6 PM MT. The show is in partnership with AncestryDNA. DNA test results is how they found the relatives of each participant. During a RootsTech premier showing of the first episode, viewers were laughing and feeling the tension from the drama the couples go through in competing.

The show is a combination of fun, emotion, drama, stress, lots of humor and the joy of learning about family. Rules involve giving up technology and going old school with maps and asking help from strangers. Just deciding who will drive and who will look at the map was funny and something most couples can relate to. Unlike a similar show the contestants drive to different cities each day and have challenges that are unique to each couple. Each couple has a specified time limit to arrive at the next destination and whoever goes over that time limit may be up for a strike. Three strikes and the couple is out. Each night they end up at a relative’s home and spend the night with these newfound relatives.

The first season’s four couples are from Las Vegas, Anchorage, Phoenix and Seattle. In auditions they were looking for people with new relatives that stretched across the US, as the show takes them from San Francisco to New York City in ten days. Couples who were considered got their DNA tested through AncestryDNA testing services. The show is looking for season 2 contestants right now.

Relative Race has some great dramatic twist in the relatives they find and the connections made. Hopefully this show will get more people excited to have their own DNA tested, as the more tested, the better the results are for everyone.


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  1. Yes, It would be incredibly fun to find a way to get to be on the show. I have been doing genealogy since I was 8. I used to work on it with my dad, but since he passed I have found some distant relatives that also work on genealogy and that is always exciting. Something like this show would be the thrill of a lifetime. Can you imagine getting to do something like this with one of your children?!

  2. I just saw on KBYUtv an episode of Relative Race how does one become a participant in the show? The reason I ask is that her father’s line ceases to exist in court records near the Civil war period. I wonder if such help with DNA might help her pick up her family line from a new direction?

  3. I was original Contacted by the show. They said I was a DNA link to one of the contestants. I was not chosen to be on the show. I would still have liked to have seen it. Where can I see it?

  4. Aloha. I really love the show and want desperately to be on it. I am 1/2 Native Hawaiian, 1/2 Irish. My father, 100% pure Hawaiian was 22 years older than my Mother and a liar. He was 44 my mother 22, when I was born. My mother did not know he was married to a red head named Rita and the father of many kids, myself being I believe the youngest. I met my biological father once in 1975 when I was 16. I spoke to a brother on the phone and that was it. I was bad juju, a black mark on the heart of their mother and I get that. Still, my mother, 100% Irish and a wonderful woman and her mother, my Grandmother are all I had growing up. They are both deceased and I long to know any family I have on my fathers side. My mother’s side well, there was my mother ivory white with black hair, thin frame and freckles and me. A thicker, stronger, darker, coarser ehu (multi) hair colored big boned child people thought was partially “black.” I’ve been called so many names….that doesn’t realty matter. What does is my feeling that Father God is telling me to contact you and see what may come of it. I am a convert and was baptised on Christmas day of 1999. Becoming a Mormon is by far, the very best and smartest decision I ever made. I searched almost 21 years for what felt right and, I found it. Or Garnet has spared me many times and I know why now. I have a sweetheart, best friend of 17 years almost, who is willing to do this with me. Please, any family even hostile is better than nothing. I pray with all my heart, that you will consider me, us for your next season.
    Respectfully and sincerely,
    Meilin C. Lani (Lani is my Father’s last name, my maiden name)

    1. Meilin, we do not have any control over Relative Race and just share updates about it. I would recommend contacting BYUTV to express your interest! I recommend contacting them here

  5. I have been watching ‘Relative Race’ and I am fascinated with the results of finding families.
    I was adopted as a new born and as an adult it took 13 years to finally connect with a half-brother. That finally led to meeting my birth mother.
    She had lied about her situation and would not talk about it to me. She did confide in a close friend who informed my halt-brother what she had shared. She has since past away.

    I was never able to find any information about my birth father other than he may have served in the military in Washington state about 1942.

    I have submitted DNA to both Ancestry and 23andMe and found out I am 48% Jewish. I have also connected with two men, one in NYC and one in Portland Or. They have both shared family trees but they are 3rd to 4th cousins I can’t figure where I fit in. There is a 1st cousin on Ancestry but he has not replied to any of my requests.

    It has been a life time dream to find my birth parents, and now my biological father and possible siblings.

    Thank for reading a small part of my story.
    Judy Contreras