New Records and Resources to Discover Your Dutch Ancestors

September 21, 2017  - by 
Find your Dutch ancestors on FamilySearch with millions of new records.

If you’re looking for ancestors from your Dutch heritage, you’re in luck! FamilySearch has recently published millions of records (51 million to be exact) from the Netherlands, making it easier than ever to trace your Dutch roots. These new records have increased FamilySearch’s collection of Dutch names from 4,074,736 to over 55 million.

If you’ve ever gotten stuck looking for your ancestors before they immigrated or looking for any relatives you may still have in the Netherlands, this may be the perfect opportunity to dive in and find some answers.

This isn’t only an opportunity to find lost relatives. This is also a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the lives of the ancestors you already know about. You may find more information about their birth, residence, marriage, or more.

Browse the newly available Dutch records to see what you can find. You may be surprised at the wealth of information now available to you.

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    1. Funny … I am looking for a lady first name MIRIAM in Holland lol. I would like to find her. I am her cousin in Canada. Are you in Netherlands….maybe you are her? 🙂

  1. Looking for conformation of the death of Johanna Maria van den Broek Born 1848 to parents Johannis van den Broek and Willemijna vander Heijden . We have two death Dates 31st July 1912 and 25 Jan 1923, which death date is correct. Thankyou