Reclaiming Our African Roots

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Reclaiming Our African Roots is an initiative to make over 25 million records of African ancestors available and easily searchable online. To make this possible, information regarding formerly enslaved individuals and free people of color needs to be collected from records and cemeteries.

First Things First

There are 2 main paths you can take to find a volunteering opportunity that fits your skills:

a man helps two women with their genealogy.

Lead Others

Utilize your leadership skills to organize volunteer efforts focused around a historic record collection or cemetery within a particular area.


An african american man works on family history.

Get Going By Yourself

There’s more than one way to get involved. Learn about the different volunteer opportunities available.


Visit the Reclaiming Our African Roots forum to ask questions and share ideas with other groups leaders!

Make a Difference Today

“I found satisfaction and fulfillment in being able to participate in a viable project that helped ‘right the wrongs’ that have been perpetuated against enslaved peoples, particularly in my own country, and specifically, in my own state.” – Ceci N., Louisiana

Volunteer Remotely or In-Person

Live in California but want to help on a South Carolina Project? No matter where you live, you can help. And with tons of opportunities, from indexing to leading a team of volunteers, there is always something to do.

Get Started on Your Own Family History

Here’s a 10 step guide to navigating African American Genealogy.

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