Puzzilla Premium Services are Free at Family History Centers

February 10, 2015  - by 

FamilySearch partner Puzzilla.org – with its beautiful (and data rich) lotus flower descendency chart – now offers its premium services to Family History Center patrons free of charge. These include:



  • New Research Targets. Highlight persons that may have missing family members where new research opportunities may be available.
  • Search. Highlight records that match a specified name, location, or FamilyTree ID.
  • Hints. Highlight FamilyTree records that have pre-matched historical records. Hints do the searching for you.
  • Sources. Highlight records that have sources attached. This reveals records that lack sources to help you improve the quality of your tree.
  • Changes. Highlight records that were created or changed by you.
  • Possible Duplicates. Highlight records with possible duplicates to help improve the quality of your tree.
  • Incomplete Ordinances. Used together with Possible Duplicates, the combination helps find ordinance opportunities for records that do not have possible duplicates.

Puzzilla’s basic services are free everywhere. View the beginner training video to learn fundamental concepts and how to find new research opportunities.


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  1. cant get into my own sign in, cant change it, don’t have the old email I used to make it, wont let me resign up for a new one cause it sends old notification to old email address, there is no place on here to leave problems, really useless.

  2. We would like to have Puzzilla Premium services at our Family History Center in Washington, Mo. Not sure how to go about this and how it would work. I have the premium services at home and love it and would like to have my patrons use it at the library.

    1. Go to puzilla.org and from there you will be prompted to login with your FamilySearch account, the two sites are connected, so your patrons will just be automatically directed to the log-in.

    1. Hi Sharon! Click here to access Puzzilla. You will sign in with your FamilySearch username and password. On the Puzzilla website, check out more information on how to use the site under their “How To” tab at the top of their website.