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Are you aware of the rich selection of resources available to you through the Family History Center Services Portal? By going to the portal site at, you will see a link to Premium Family History Websites.


ProQuest 2









Click the link, and you will see a list of research websites you can access. These sites can help you assist visitors in their efforts to find their ancestors.

ProQuest 3










Some of the premium family history websites included in the portal are ProQuest resources. For example:

  • Newspaper Archive—This site features a large collection of searchable articles from United States and the world newspapers spanning more than 400 years. You can perform a name search or a keyword search and find articles helpful for family history research. You can filter your search by location or time period and read about world, national, or local events that affected the lives of ancestors.
  • Historic Map Works—This site consists of an extensive collection of digital versions of historical and antique maps. You can view atlases and maps from many locations around the world from as early as the 15th century, search for cities and addresses or GPS coordinates on geocoded U.S. maps, or search geographical and other points of interest in U.S. states.
  • ProQuest Obituary Listings—This site provides searchable access to obituaries and death notices published in major United States newspapers from as early as the mid-19th century. The list of newspapers includes the Atlanta Constitution, Boston Globe, Chicago Defender, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and Washington Post. You can search by name or by keyword and see the name of the deceased individual, date of the obituary, location, title of the obituary, and the name of the newspaper in which the obituary appears.

ProQuest has created training webinars you can access to learn how to use the following resources:

To access the ProQuest webinar page, click webinars. These webinars can be used as you train your staff or as you prepare activities for visitors who come to the family history center. Resources such as ProQuest help you in your calling to engage members in finding their ancestors and in adding rich content to their ancestors’ information on Family Tree as names are prepared for temple ordinances.

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