Printing Your Temple List

January 24, 2014  - by 

You can now again print your temple list (the list of the names of ancestors whose ordinances you reserved.) The printing capability was temporarily disabled when the temple list was updated to support the sorting and filtering, but it is working now.

To print your temple list, use browser’s print feature. This means that you can print your temple list in the same way that you would print anything else you wanted from the Web.



  1. On, click Temple to display your list.

Temple List




2.  Print the page. In the common browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome), you can print in several ways. Here are a few:

  • Right-click on the page and selecting Print.
  • Click the File menu, and clicking Print.
  • Press Ctrl+P.

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  1. I need to print out a complete list (of all names, not just 50 at a time) to keep track of all the cards that I have and that I give to friends and family to have the work done. At the present i need it to print over 250 names with what has been done.

  2. I know this is 5 years later, but you are the best person in the world. I’ve been trying to figure out how to best do this to organize my names. This was exactly what I needed and so simple. Thank you!!!