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Taking a family name to the temple using FamilySearch Family Tree has always included the step of printing a Family Ordinance Request (FOR) form. The FOR was then taken to the temple office where a temple worker used it to print out family name cards, which were then used for ordinance work. As a result of a new collaboration between the Temple and Family History departments, all temple patrons are now able to print out family name cards at home, cutting out that extra step and making the temple experience simpler.

How It Works:

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Printing your own family name cards follows the same process you have likely followed in the past to print out an FOR. From the Temple Reservations page, you simply select the check box next to the name of the person for whom you would like to print the cards, and then click the blue Print button that activates at the top of the page.

Family Name Card

From the drop-down menu, select Print Temple Cards, and follow the on-screen prompts

Temple Card Submission 2

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still print a FOR and have family name cards printed at the temple?

Currently, the ability to print a FOR from home and have family name cards printed using the old format is still available. The old formatted family name cards will be phased out as the transition to the new family name cards process is complete. When this is complete, the option to generate a FOR will no longer be supported. We expect this transition to be completed in late 2016.

Do I need to print my family name cards on thicker card stock paper?

There is no need to print on card stock quality paper. The temple will accept new family name cards that are printed on standard white printer paper. Once the cards are printed, you can take them directly to the temple to perform the ordinances.

Do I have to use any colored paper or colored ink to print my cards?

No. Please use normal white paper with black ink. There is no need to use colored paper or card stock or colored ink to indicate the sex of the individual. The cards have been redesigned so that there is no need to use color to show the sex of the individual or the ordinances needed. This also helps reduce paper waste since multiple card types can be printed on the same sheet at once.

Can I print the family name cards on both sides of paper?

No. The cards printed on each side of the sheet of paper will not line up properly. Printing on both sides of the paper will result in incomplete card batches.

When will I be able to print family name cards from home?

The ability to print family name cards from home is now available for all members worldwide through Similarly, family name cards printed from home can be used to perform ordinances at any LDS temple.

What languages will this option be available in?

Once this feature is available worldwide, you will be able to print family name cards in 42 different languages. However, as we begin to roll this feature out, we will start with English first. Additional languages will be added in the near future.

Will I be able to take the family name cards I print to any temple, even if their area does not have access yet?

Yes. Your cards will be accepted at any temple. You are encouraged, however, to only take home-printed cards to your designated temple until the new process is fully rolled out.

What if I do not have a printer?

The family name cards will be generated as a PDF file. This file can be saved to your computer or a USB drive and then emailed or printed in another location (such as a friend’s house or a local family history center).

Can I give the family name cards I print to someone else?

Yes, you can share your cards with someone else. You can share the printout, or you can save the file and email it to someone. The ordinances will remain on your temple list until they are completed.

Do I have to print all the ordinances at the same time?

No. You can select only some ordinances for printing. Keep in mind, though, that it will attempt to enforce the standard order. For example, you can select baptism and confirmation only. However, if you try to select endowment before the others are completed, it will automatically select baptism and confirmation as well.

Can I still use the family name cards I have, or do I need to print new ones?

You can use any existing family name cards you may have. There is no need to print new cards.


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  1. Could you put the instructions on a different page. In doing so you create more room to print 4 cards at a time in the landscape mode. You can also opt out of printing the instructions over and over again.

  2. This would have being an opportunity for our members who will be going to the Ghana Accra Temple on the 3rd of October to be able to perform these saving ordinances but the system is not showing any reserved for ancestors recorded this week. Any reason?

  3. As a sealer for 16 years I am in favor of this progress for the patrons. Those who use highlighter colors are appreciated. The major problem is the standard 20# paper tends to stick together. I use one of the witnesses to check every card after the ordinance to make sure we don’t miss one.

  4. I would prefer to have the ordinance cards prepared at the temple for as long as possible. My husband, who is legally blind, has trouble telling the difference between the male and female symbols on the cards. As he says, the church leaders are practical in what they decide, but it’s easier for him to tell which card is which by its color. And, as others have pointed out, the ordinance cards printed at home print only three names per card versus the four names that can be printed out at the temple.

  5. Question.
    Instead of printing from the Family Stake Center how do the Stake Family History Consultants keep record of those printing from home? How would they receive these information regarding number wise for reports? When we print from home does it automatically show in the stake reports the increase in our performances??

  6. family history work is a great work of love, but in africa here is a little bit diffilcult to do, but i think our heavenly father wil always provide a for us.

  7. I have a bunch of family file cards locked up in storage for at least six months. I also have lots of time to go to the temple right now. Is there any way to reprint cards already printed? Thanks.

    1. Yes, you should be able to go to your reserved list and print them as you usually do. It will give you a warning message making sure you get rid of the old cards so you don’t accidentally duplicate your efforts in the future.

    1. Perhaps you are referring to when a ordinance box on the card is blacked out? I think it means that either the ordinance is not needed or there is not enough information for it, or you did not request to do that ordinance (such as Sealing to Parents).

  8. I can print from any page,document but not temple cards direct from family search. I have to download as a pdf to desktop then print,which makes extra work. Does anyone have any advise please

  9. Is there a way to print ordinance cards for ancestors whose ordinances are completed (baptism through sealings)? Say I’m collecting all my ordinance cards, but I forget to pick up my completed card from the temple after it’s done– is there anyway to reprint that card?

  10. I work in the temple in the office and some people’s cards come through as 3 x 2″ instead of the usual size. The print size is shown before selecting the print as the correct size but actually prints them smaller. Any ideas why?