Easier Ways to Print Ordinance Reservation Cards

July 29, 2019  - by 

You can now use your phone in the temple office to print ordinance reservation cards using a QR code or ID number found in the Family Tree app.

Cell phones and electronic devices will be allowed in the temple office so temple workers can assist you. All the temple worker needs is the QR code or ID number for your reservation. For help finding the QR code on a phone, computer, or mobile device, follow the instructions in this article.

Please remember to turn off your cell phone after visiting the temple office and to use electronic devices respectfully in the temple.

Screenshot of QR code for printing temple reservations on an ios phone.
Screenshot of QR code for printing temple reservations on an android phone.

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  1. I realize change is the only thing we can count on in this life, but one of the changes has me upset. I don’t appreciate needing to print a care half a dozen times for one person. I don’t appreciate any of the Temples shredding the cards. I want to keep the cards. I have talked to other people who feel the same way. I’m in the older generation, and most of my children don’t mind having the cards shredded, but most of the people my age aren’t happy about it. I feel like I’m wasting money printing out so many cards. I either print them at home and spend my own money on ink and paper, or I print them at the FamilySearch Center and the Temple, and spend my tithing money. I’m likely the only one in the world who worries about wasting either my own or the Lord’s money, but I worry about it. I want to be able to print one card with all the necessary ordinances on it, and I want that card back after all the ordinances are finished.

    1. I used to enjoy having the cards all along the process, but now I just wait until all of the ordinances are completed and print one card at home for my book.

    2. Thank you for voicing your concern and asking questions! I understand how this can be frustrating. In fact, I had the same questions! After reaching out to a representative he told me the reason they are doing this is because temple workers need time to accurately record temple ordinances. With the previous system, too many mistakes were being made with recording because they were being rushed.This created frustration for both workers and patrons. The most important goal is to accurately record ordinances, so that is why the temple has moved to a new system.

  2. I am a Family History Consultant and of the “older generation.” I am completely confused and overwhelmed. I can not wade through all these directions, i.e., QR codes, printing and shredding, etc. myself. How could I hope to assist a ward member through the processes? I just have a lot to digest accompanied with prayer.

  3. I love the ordinances ready application for familysearch.org and the family tree app. It is amazing. I had one question. When requesting an endowment, it would be nice to be able to select more than 1 at a time. I sometimes have family with me and it would be easier if that option was available.

  4. I am obedient and will do it the way you are asking but like some others who have voiced their opinion, I am also not happy about some of the changes. I too think it is not cost or time effective to keep reprinting a card to do the temple work. But for me, my biggest challenge is not being able to keep the cards. I file them in a temple box and refer to them on many occasions. The cards are helpful as I do my family history research. I am working very hard to document birth, marriage and deaths of our ancestors. Sometimes, I check on family search and find a name of an ancestor that says their work has not been done. I look in my file and there is the card with the dates stamped for the ordinances. I then contact support@familysearch.org with the hard proof. I also refer to the cards sometimes as I am doing research to check on the spelling of the name as it was submitted. When you are dealing with Scandinavian names some are submitting a person as Hansen and I have submitted it as Hansdatter but it is the same person. Again, I submit a copy of my work to show it has been done. I realize that we are all trying in our own way to do the work and nothing is perfect. I am just hoping you can see that there are some good reasons to allow us to keep the cards and reconsider this process. But again, I will be obedient.

  5. I recently did some initiatory in the Oakland temple and was told they no longer return the cards. So are you telling us we have to print a new card for every time we complete an ordinance for each person? If so I’m not thrilled with that.

  6. You can now share ordinances in the message area of FamilySearch under discoveries. I am not sure how long those ordinances last for the individual that they are sent to. This is another way to get and share ordinances.