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Why are we interested in digital preservation? Individual lifetime events may only last for a moment, but the memories go on forever. Pictures you take of your family or a vacation document the events in your life and are important. Now, more than ever, we collect memories each day that tell the story of our lives.

How Long is Forever? Disney said our memories are forever, but many of our photos will not be preserved that long. Many of us store our photos with retail or online companies. Did you know that some companies like Costco, Walmart, Dropbox , Shutterfly and others may delete your photos in a year if you don’t order from them? The terms of service can change at any time. Go ahead, check it out. It’s in the small print. Facebook and Google are constantly changing their terms of service. It is difficult to keep up with their policies. If your photos are not generating new business for them, your photos are at risk of being removed. These companies offer great services, but they are not about preserving photos, they are about generating a profit or the company.

You can reliably count on safely preserving your photos on a hard drive for five to ten years at most. CD’s and DVD’s last about twenty-five years. Printing your photos in books or photo albums is a good way to share your photos, but it doesn’t preserve the digital files. Printed material does not survive floods and fires. You really don’t know when something is going to happen. Preserving a digital copy is currently the most reliable way of storing your photos for future use. It is all a bit discouraging to think about. So what does work to preserve photos? is a digital preservation company that offers to preserve your photos for hundreds of years. is very different and unique. They promise to protect and share your memories and your story for generations. Your paid permanent content will be available for your lifetime plus 100 years. When you buy storage on the Forever website the money you spend is invested in the technology and operations needed to sustain this service over the long term.

Forever’s business model is about long term preservation. Think of it as an insurance policy for your photos. Here are a few the reasons to take a look:

  • Storage payments are deposited into the fund
  • All photos are triple backed up and encrypted for long term storage
  • Digital migration to new file formats will ensure that your photos will be readable by the latest technology.

When you load your photos to the Forever website; they are still yours to manage. You have control over who can see your content. You choose how your content is shared with future generations. You also choose who has access to make any modifications to your file. mobile and desktop apps are easy to use. They are great for editing, organizing.


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  1. Forever has the option to save your photos for 100 years or more? Insane but worthy of checking out. With the digital era in full bloom now, so many photos go away or unnoticed and unappreciated. With these guys preserving precious images and keeping them safe – makes me take a new perspective on how my family will remember our times together and how we will affect our future generations.
    James, E Pick Marketing