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May 24, 2016  - by 

Introducing the New and Noteworthy section of the App Gallery. Each week, you’ll find a review of a new application that we are excited to share with you. This week, I want to give a little perspective on how applications are useful in addition to the resources already available on All 134 (and counting) family history applications in the App Gallery are intended as a complement to the FamilySearch experience.

Many family history apps provide great value to new and seasoned genealogists. Think of FamilySearch as just one part of the family history body, and all parts of the body are important. For example, the brain is needed for the body to survive, but it just can’t do some things. The brain is not the one that high-fives your little brother; you need a hand for that. It doesn’t taste your food; that’s the tongue’s area of expertise. What about doing a shoulder roll when you are engaged in a competitive round of paintball with your friends? For this you need a shoulder and complete disregard for your own personal safety.

FamilySearch is part of a community. So many talented, passionate, and capable people have dedicated countless hours to helping improve the family history experience, and we want to celebrate these efforts. Before we make an addition to our newly launched App Gallery, an application goes through an extensive certification and approval process. Once this process has been completed and the program has been deemed excellent, the new app is added to our growing community of fantastic family history tools.

Apps such as Relative Finder, which show the famous people that are in your family line, All the Stories, which provides a smart way to read all your ancestors’ stories that are found on, and Baby Ancestry, which simply showcases the most popular names in your family tree, are all part of the united effort to offer a fun, rich, and engaging family history experience.

We hope you’ll take some time to visit the App Gallery, and see how people who love family history have created a world of applications—just for you!

SPECIAL NOTE: The App Gallery is a collection of computer programs on multiple platforms, not limited to mobile apps. Several of the applications are simply web-based programs and do not require a download. If you have a computer, then you have the capacity to take advantage of the App Gallery.


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  1. When I went to the App Gallory I did not find New and Noteworthy. Where is it located?

  2. Esto es sumamente útil, para lograr resultados en nuestra búsqueda, con tantos sitios a disposición. Gracias.