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December 2, 2014  - by 

Online requests for photo duplication services of microfilm and books are no longer available. They were discontinued as of December 5th, 2014. As of that date, existing orders will be completed, but new orders will no longer be accepted.

Because so many microfilm and books are continually being digitized and added to, and more links are being made available to partner sites that already have this information digitized, the need for photo duplication has significantly decreased. FamilySearch will continue to digitize as many resources as possible and make them available online. If the film or book has been digitized, you can print your own copies directly from the web site, if printing of the film or book is not restricted by the copyright holder.

To see what has already been digitized, please visit the FamilySearch Catalog. Also available on the catalog page is a link to OCLC WorldCat website. WorldCat can help you find books and other resources available in over 10,000 local libraries.

If the film or book you are seeking is not yet been digitized, but is available on microfiche or microfilm, you can usually order it. It will be sent to a local family history center near you where you can view it. You can find a family history center near you by going to the Find a Family History Center page on FamilySearch,org. Staff at the family history center can assist you with the process of ordering a film, and can help you view it when it arrives.


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  1. Thank you for the update. This has been a wonderful service. I look forward to being able to view the things on

  2. I understand the reasoning, but it will take some adjusting. As a FH Support missionary I have had two calls for this service today.

  3. I just found out about this. Hopefully familysearch goes by pacific time or it means records ordered by December 5th at the latest.

  4. As a frequent user of Photo Duplication Services, I will really miss the service. Please extent my heart-felt appreciation to all who have worked so hard to provide this support in the past. It has been deeply appreciated.

  5. I am so disappointed to see this service going away! Typically, I can only do my research after 10PM at night. The vast majority of my records are for New York City where the BMD records have not been digitized. I have been incredibly dependent on both the mail in and online service to get copies of documents. I pray that either some level of service will return OR that these records will be digitized in the near future.

  6. This is a real loss. I am so grateful for what I have received but New York City records are so expensive to get and are not digitized. I wish they had cut back on the service rather than eliminate it altogether. I broke down some major brick walls with this service and am so disappointed to see it go.

  7. Sad to see this service end. What was a major convenience to searching for family genealogy will now take a step backwards.
    Elderly people who do not drive, or are not well will now have to take a back seat. People in my shoes, who are primary caretakers for elderly parents and work a full time job will also be halted. Unfortunately the documents that I need for research (from the New York City Boroughs)will most likely not be digitized in the near future. Through Family Search’s copy duplication in the past(faxing or mailing a photo copy request for documents) has attributed in my success in my search.
    I would have rather seen you charge for the request, as to see this service stop.
    Can we still make photo copy requests by fax or regular mail? I don’t mind paying for the convenience….since my time is limited.

    1. It seems that they are discontinuing the service altogether but you can print of you own copies of things if they aren’t copyrighted.

  8. I have ordered in the past, and got them.
    But the from the time when they first became free I had put in an order and never receive them. a few times they said something must be wrong on my end and and then when I said I did not get them I was told they would be shipped to me but that did not happen. All I want to know is where I can get them from now? I did not mind paying for them to start with and the last order was more that a page of them that I never got, When they put them over the net to copy I was never able to get anymore Documents! Like I said I just need to know where I can get them from Now? The ones I submitted were from NYC or NY for the most part!

  9. I too am very sad to see that this service has been discontinued. I would have gladly have paid for the time and effort that the LDS have put into running the service in the past.
    I have now ordered 3 films which are so “small time” that they are unlikely to be digitised. I just needed one image from each to prove/disprove a family link. I would have been happy to pay the equivalent of the postage fees to the UK for an image, as all I will do is locate the image on each film and then return them to the US. This takes them out of circulation for another user and also risks them being damaged or lost as they go halfway round the world and back again.
    Thank you for this service in the past and I hope you will reconsider reinstating it as a paid-for service.

  10. Oh no! I am so disappointed that this service is being discontinued! My local LDS Family research place has odd hours and is a bit of a trip for me. I cannot take my young children with me as I would get nothing done so I have to squeeze it into rare moments when I am not working, my husband can watch the kids and the place is open. I made more headway using this service than I ever did on my trips there. I agree with others that most of my records are from NYC and cost too much for me to order copies of things that might be incorrect upon arrival. I feel as though I have gone from driving a car to driving a horse and buggy. Please reconsider!

    1. Please bring back this service. I would gladly pay for the help. I also need copies of BMD from NYC. I made so much progress with this service and it’s greatly missed!

      1. Yes I am for that, I tried to get the last ones I tried to get done (copies) I had tried for about 2 years or more and never could get them the last thing I remember was that they were going to be sent to me by Snail Mail but never did receive then it was closed down. I had done some before that and never had any trouble at all with the service. I did pay for them and was glad to do so!

  11. I, too, am disappointed that this service has ended. Like just about every other commenter previously, the records I need are almost-all NYC boroughs, which are not digitized. If waiting for the digitization is the only option aside from ordering the films (pricey, when there is only 1 image I might need per film, and which does not always pan out to be “my” relatives), may I suggest making the digitization of NYC records a priority? Clearly there is a need. Thank you for your helpful service in the past.

  12. I am very sorry this service was disconnected, and thank all the people involved for their hard work.
    Like many others who have responded the records I need are from NYC, which are not, and unlikely they will be, digitized. My local FHC closed and the closest center is now 60 miles away round trip. Unfortunately, I do not have a car and do not like to imposed on family and friends to take me. Looks like my research is going to be severely curtailed.