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FamilySearch works with a variety of partners to help provide you with as many ways as possible to find your family members.

FamilySearch is also pleased to announce Filegrove and RootsMapper and are now Tree Access Certified. “Certified” means the product is compatible with and has features that conforms to our strict standards of quality.



Tree Share
or Tree Share (full tree read and write)—Certified to read and write Family Tree data to match, compare, and modify records. This certification also includes requirements for sources, discussions, change history, and interaction with community members.

Tree Access
or Tree Access (tree read only)—Certified to read Family Tree data to analyze, display, or print family history reports and charts.

or Sources (Tree Access or Tree Share required)—Certified to read Family Tree data, allowing user to match and reference online sources, such as records, photos, documents, and media that provide evidence of events and relationships.

or Discussions (Tree Access or Tree Share required)—Certified to read, write, and comment on discussion threads for individual records in Family Tree.

Change History
or Change History (Tree Access or Tree Share required)—Certified to read and list changes made by contributors to Family Tree, sources, and discussions.

LDS Support
or LDS Support (Tree Access or Tree Share required)—Certified that specific data and features for LDS members only can only be accessed when the user is appropriately logged in to FamilySearch. Tree Access Certification is necessary for reading ordinance information, Tree Share Certification is necessary for requesting, changing, sharing, and printing Family Ordinance Requests (FORs).

File Grove

File Grove is now Tree Access and Sources certified. File Grove was created so genealogists could easily organize and share their family history records. No more unorganized shoe boxes, you can now find all your records in a matter of seconds. Preserve all your vital records, photographs, letters, newspaper clippings, land records, military records and much more. In addition to being organized, you will have the opportunity to document all the information you know about your records and use your records and a source file on any website including Plus, you maintain full control of your records. By joining the File Grove community, you will be able to create friendships, share records, and send messages to other genealogist. Plus, you will save money by sharing vital records. is so easy to use that you will be an expert in no time; sign up for FREE today.


Roots Mapper

RootsMapper is now Tree Access certified. RootsMapper allows you to easily visualize the migration patterns of your ancestors. It uses the data that already exists in your FamilySearch Family Tree to plot your ancestors onto an interactive map. Discover your family’s heritage with RootsMapper. It’s easy to get started. Just visit our website, and login with your FamilySearch credentials, and a basic map will automatically generate. From there you can explore additional options and plot multiple additional generations in seconds.

Ancestral Quest

Ancestral Quest and Ancestral Quest Basic are now Tree Share certified. Ancestral Quest (AQ) is the easy-to-use, full-featured family tree program that received the “Most Comprehensive Syncing” award from FamilySearch. The Windows versions of PAF were created from an earlier version of AQ, so PAF users will feel right at home using the screens, reports, and other functions. AQ includes scores of new features not found in PAF, including its Ordinance Reservation and Tracking System, which helps users keep their personal data in sync with temple records. Whether you are a PAF user looking for an upgrade or a new user getting started, Ancestral Quest is the ideal program to help you organize your family tree.

Celebrating My Family Tree and Me

Celebrating My Family Tree and Me is Tree Share certified. Looking for a new genealogy or family history software? Celebrating My Family Tree and Me is the package for you. With assistance from our Celebration Consultants, you will find using this software a breeze. Celebrating My Family Tree and Me offers elegant reports, charts, calendars, and customized printing; unlimited storage of photos, sound clips, video clips, and other precious documents; generation of research books, slide shows, and scrapbooks; simple notes and source citation entry; and private online collaboration of group projects. It imports data seamlessly from PAF and other genealogy programs.

See these new products and previously certified products at

The check mark indicates products that are now certified for Family Tree.


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  1. I don’t see Roots Magic listed. How does it compare? Also Swedish Slaktdata is the easiest online research tool I have used. It would be WONDERFUL if the church could format the United Kingdom’s records in that easy and effective format.

  2. I like information updates re the Tree Certified programs, the award to Ancestral Quest re its comprehensive syncing. I like to know how different programs excel. It helps me as a consultant to help others. Consultants do not have time to learn how to support each program

  3. On this page in future postings how about a list of all current Tree Share and Tree Access programs in the right side bar under Recent Comments?

  4. Is family Search compatible with (Family Tree Maker)? If not, about how long before its ready. I would like to transfer our past 10 years of records onto our Family Search site.