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FamilySearch works with a variety of partners to help provide you with as many ways as possible to find, add, and share about your family members. FamilySearch is pleased to announce that Little Family Tree is now Read compatible and GenerationStory, Kindex, HP Scan, and StoryWorth are now Read and Update compatible with FamilySearch.  “Compatible” means the product programmatically interfaces with and has features that conform to our strict standards of quality.



Generation Story


GenerationStory is now Read and Update Compatible with FamilySearch GenerationStory was created to tell the story of family collections and treasures. Small or large, every object has a story and a place in time and history. We created a simple, easy way to organize family treasures and share their story. Every object has a story and a place in time and history, share yours. What’s your family heirloom story?




Kindex to FamilySearch is now Read and Update Compatible with FamilySearch Kindex™ Beta is web software that permits users to transcribe, tag and review indexed FamilySearch Memories. FamilySearch users may login and Gather, Index and Share Memories from any person with a FamilySearch ID. A FamilySearch membership is not required to index available Memories. Once transcribed and tagged, handwritten documents such as letters and journals are now easier-to-read, and even easier to share through social media, direct public links, and PDF download. Kindex’s powerful keyword search is in development, so start the transcription and image tagging process, today!


HP Scanner

HP Scanners

HP Scan to FamilySearch is now Read and Update Compatible with FamilySearch HP Scan to FamilySearch makes updating your Memories easy by allowing you to scan and upload documents and photos directly to your FamilySearch account with an HP web-connected printer. In addition to being available at some Family History Centers, you can use this app on your home printer! Currently only available in the U.S.


Littel Family Tree


Little Family Tree is now Read compatible with FamilySearch. Little Family Tree engages toddlers and pre-school children with their personal family history through photos, games, and activities designed for their level. (Most of the games are fun for the kid in all of us.) Personal family history data is obtained by having an adult login to an online family tree such as FamilySearch.




StoryWorth to FamilySearch is now Read and Update Compatible with FamilySearch StoryWorth brings your family together through weekly stories. We were honored to win both the People’s Choice Award and the First Place Judge’s Prize at the 2015 RootsTech Innovator Challenge.Your family tree is more than a list of names. Pick a family member you’d like to get to know better. Each week, StoryWorth will send them a question, like “How did you meet?” or “What’s your most treasured memory?”. You can also choose your own questions. You’ll receive the answers in your inbox every week, and at the end of the year, they’ll be bound into a beautiful book as a family keepsake. You can also save your family stories from all your relatives to your FamilySearch account, to keep your family history in a single easy location.


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  1. Any chance of having an article which would list all the partner sites and how to get there once you are in FamilySearch?

  2. I would like more information on how to make HP Scan work. I have tried everything I can think of and still haven’t figured it out.

  3. My grandfather Cicero Marc Tullis McConkey was born in 1854 t0 Leonard Alexander McConkey and Eliza Harrison McConkey in Norfolk County or upper Canada, Apparently his parents moved around in that area, When he was about 12 he was sent to live with his maternal grandparents in brant County we think. We do not know wdere he was or what he did for 6 yearsor more when we think he was keeping records for aa store in Port Burwell.Ont.Then there is a blank my grandfather until he married my Mary Desire Procunier and my father Neil Howard McConkey was born .Iam curious about those intervening years.