Partner News – December, 2015

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FamilySearch works with a variety of partners to help provide you with as many ways as possible to find, add, and share about your family members. FamilySearch is pleased to announce that Kinmapper and TapGenes are now Read certified. “Certified” means the product is compatible with and has features that conform to our strict standards of quality.





Kinmapper is now Read Certified. Kinmapper will use data provided by your FamilySearch family tree to map the locations where your ancestors lived. Easily see your relatives on a map and search for them by name. Kinmapper makes it easy to visualize where you ancestors lived.


TapGenes is now Read Certified. Preserve your family’s health story because your doctors don’t know you like your family does. TapGenes helps you collect, preserve, and share Family Health History information to help you care for the ones you love.

A family’s health history is considered the single strongest predictor of disease risk yet only 4% of Americans have a documented health history past their parents in medical records. Family members share genes, behaviors, lifestyles, and environments that together may influence their health and their risk of chronic disease. TapGenes is designed to be simple, social, and fun. It uses engaging quizzes to capture health information and machine learning algorithms to calculate health risks.

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