How to Participate in the 2017 Worldwide Indexing Event

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Indexing is a spiritual endeavor that can bring us closer to Christ.

If you’ve never indexed before, now is the perfect time to start. Indexing is a fun, engaging, and easy way to make records of loved ones available online through FamilySearch. People can then access the indexed records to find their ancestors and establish a family connection.

To index, you’ll view online images of historic records and type out the information found on the document. This makes records easily searchable and ready to be published online.

All you need to begin indexing is a account and access to the internet.

Worldwide Indexing Event 2017

One fun way to get others involved is through the annual worldwide indexing event on October 20–22, 2017. For more information on the event, click here.

You can also learn more about the event in the following languages:

As in years past, the purpose of the event will be to unite the international indexing community around the common goal of making more historical records searchable online for free. Last year’s event broke the previous records with more than 100,000 indexers helping to index over 10,000,000 records.

This year, we encourage local wards to set their own goals for participation in the event. Local participation will help indexers feel more united with each other and connected with the records they are indexing.

How to Participate

Host an Indexing Party

This is the perfect opportunity to have a ward indexing activity or to have a little indexing party. Even for experienced indexers, an indexing party might be a welcome event! It’s a wonderful way to make friends, to have a social hour while indexing, and to help others who are less experienced. It can also be a way to share the projects you’ve been working on and engage in a community connected by one purpose.


Index from Home

If you prefer indexing from the peace and quiet of your own home, you can still participate! Indexing in a peaceful environment can help you concentrate, and more importantly, it can help you feel the spirit of the service you’re doing. By indexing, you’re helping connect families with their ancestors, a work commissioned by our Heavenly Father. As Elder Eyring said, “The affection you feel for your ancestors is part of the fulfillment of [Elijah’s] prophesy,” (Gathering the Family of God, April 2017).

As long as you have a computer that’s connected to the internet, you can participate anywhere!

Share the News

Invite friends, family, and neighbors to participate! The more people that know about the event, the more indexers will participate and the more records will be indexed!

This could be a fun way to connect long-distance family members in a combined goal, to strengthen relationships with neighbors, or to unite the ward in a single effort. Everyone is invited to participate, and the strength of a community will only help!


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  1. Hi, My Name is Mary Ellen Brown. I think I have found a mistake in my great grandmother’s information. She may have been called Lizzie Roth, but her maiden name was Grass, not Roth. I am not sure who her parents were, but I know she was born in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri. Her husband was Stephen Roth. I can go to the cemetery to find out her birth date and death date. I know her given name was Elizabeth. How do we fix this?

    1. Hi Mary Ellen. I hope you don’t mind but I fixed it for you. You just go to her page on familysearch, click on her name, and then click the ‘edit’ button and make the change. Her parents were John and Christena from Germany. Just click the ‘search’ button and you will see this information.

    2. Hi Mary Ellen,
      Yes you need to find those birth and death dates for your great grandmother. I found an Elizabeth Grass who married a Steven Roth in Ste Genevieve, MO. Her father it says was from Germany. This is a 1920 US Census record I am looking at. She was 46 at the time and Steven was 47. They had 5 children at the time: Rovina, Bertha, Alonzo, Kennet and Rosemary, ages 21,19,18,15,10 respectively. It says Elizabeth was born in or around 1874. See if that is close to the headstone info. If this is your relative then she is in Family Search as person number LXMW-F6D.
      Steven (census spelling) is in family search as Stephen, # LXMW-F8R.
      If these are your family, you can do a replacement or merge to the Lizzie Roth you see listed.
      If you have any questions you can contact me.
      God Bless,
      Jonathan Rhodes

  2. Why are there so few indexed records being released for public use now? In checking the U.S. projects list, there are several projects that have shown 100% complete for several months now but the records have not been released. Further, I participated in indexing projects, like the Alabama World War II draft registration cards, that have never been posted to FamilySearch but are available for a fee through and its Fold3 site. What gives?

    I cannot in good faith participate or encourage others to participate without some understanding of how this volunteer effort is benefiting the genealogy community.

      1. When I index, I use the web-based program. But my question is about once the U.S. records are indexed and arbitrated with both showing 100% complete, why are they not showing up as searchable or being added to existing databases?

        1. Steve, we are currently updating our publication system and processes to accommodate our new web-based indexing platform. These changes have created a temporary backlog of projects that are pending publication. Once these changes are complete, records publication should be faster and more flexible than before, and projects that have been delayed will be published on as soon as possible.

  3. I’ve already sent through feedback to Familysearch but it’s a shame the indexing site is down with multiple error 404 messages being received when attempting to join any indexing project for October. It may be just today, me, or someone forgot to put a plug in a socket, but please sort out the problem?

    1. Sue, I apologize! I didn’t see this comment sooner. All you had to do was index on the FamilySearch site during those days. If you weren’t able to participate because of the confusion, I apologize!

  4. Is there a date set for the 2018 World Wide Indexing event?
    Would like to put it on my and my ward’s calendar and have the ward sponsor an activity in support of this event.

  5. How did we do on the World wide indexing project? How many records were done and how many people participated?

  6. Witam w moim drzewie posiadam moich rodziców tylko z opowieści mój ojciec był jak to się mówi nieslubnym dzieckiem a w dokumentach znalazłem ze jego matka miała męża i dziecko o innym nazwisku jak to rozwiązac /

  7. HI, When is the 2018 Worldwide Indexing event? We want to host an indexing party and wondered if it scheduled for July (yes!) or later, more like October?

    1. Beth, there are currently no plans for a 2018 Worldwide Indexing Event. FamilySearch encourages local areas to hold their own indexing events to encourage people to participate when and how it is best for them. I hope this helps!