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“While temple and family history work has the power to bless those beyond the veil, it has an equal power to bless the living.”—President Russell M. Nelson, April 2010 General Conference

Ordinances Ready is a new FamilySearch tool that simplifies finding names for the temple, allowing you more time to serve your family and enjoy the blessings of the temple. Try it for yourself, and read how others are using the Ordinances Ready feature.

Green Means Go—Use Ordinances Ready for Your Next Temple Trip

Ordinances Ready allows you to find ordinances available for your ancestors in seconds. Tap the green Ordinances Ready button, and you’ll be on your way to taking ordinances to the temple. Read below to see how it’s done.

Download the Family Tree app to try the feature for yourself!

FamilySearch Tree app

FamilySearch Tree app
FamilySearch temple ordinances on app


FamilySearch find names for temple ordinances on the app


FamilySearch temple ordinances on app

What you’ll see if you already have ordinances reserved

How Others Are Using Ordinances Ready

The new Ordinances Ready feature has already inspired many members, bringing them closer to their family and helping them participate in temple work. Here are Sarah, Garrett, and Kirsten’s stories.

Feeling the Spirit at All Times—Sarah’s Story

“Ordinance[s] Ready has made it more rewarding to go to the temple because I am always able to have my own names to work on. . . . I have truly felt the Spirit so much stronger as I’ve taken my own family names to the temple,” says Sarah Rocha.

Recently, Sarah and her roommates at BYU–Idaho decided to start their semester by attending the temple together. Sarah showed her friends how to use the new Ordinances Ready feature on the Family Tree app, and each of them were able to find names of family members needing ordinances. Sarah shared, “Being able to use the FamilySearch app has made it so much easier to feel the Spirit closer to me at all times. . . . It has helped me to feel closer to those who have passed and feel the love of my Father even stronger beside me.”

Each Person Can Take Family Names—Garrett’s Story

Before using Ordinances Ready, Garrett had never really done family history or temple work for his own ancestors. However, he did enjoy helping Amy, his wife, do temple work for her deceased family members. Several weeks ago, Garrett and his wife tried the new Ordinances Ready feature and found five of Garrett’s family members who needed temple work, including the cousin of his beloved grandfather. He felt that an instant bond was formed.

Garrett and his family use the Ordinances Ready feature often now and feel it has elevated the temple experience for them individually and as a family. “Ordinances Ready has been such a blessing for our family,” they say, “and it is bringing promised blessings and spiritual power [as we perform] temple work for ancestors.”

Ordinances Ready Is Becoming “the Norm”—Kirsten’s Story

Kirsten’s son Bennett just turned 12 and has loved the new Ordinances Ready feature after using it on one of his very first temple trips. Kirsten says, “It’s amazing to me that children who are going to the temple for the first time can take names as a norm in their temple attendance.”

Kirsten’s other teenage sons attend the temple almost every week, and they use this new feature to find and print temple names regularly using their own FamilySearch accounts. When Kirsten taught the youth in her ward how to use the feature as well, many ward members discussed how life-changing Ordinances Ready can be for the youth. As Kirsten summarized, “For the kids, this ease will be normal to them. Ancestors will always be on the forefront of their minds, and temple attendance will forever be more personal for all.”

Try Ordinances Ready for Yourself

Elder and Sister Bednar introduce Ordinances Ready:

Find Ordinances in Three Simple Steps

  1. Download the Family Tree app for iOS or Android. Click here for more help.

    FamilySearch Tree app

    FamilySearch Tree app
  2. Sign in, and find the Temple page.
  • For iOS, tap the temple icon at the bottom of the app screen.
  • For Android, tap the 3-bar menu at the top left. Then select Temple.
  1. Tap the Ordinances Ready button, and then choose any ordinance to start finding family ordinances ready to take the temple.

Note on family names: The app will search the tree and temple inventory for available ordinances. If no available ordinances are found for family members, Ordinances Ready will retrieve available ordinances that have been submitted to the temple by any patron.

Get to Know Each Person, and Take the Names to the Temple

Using the Family Tree app, you can get to know each person you are about to do ordinances for. Tap View Relationship to see how you are related, and tap View Person to look at life events, memories, and photos in Family Tree.

After you have looked at the names, tap Continue at the bottom of the screen to reserve the ordinances and print cards to take to the temple. (If you need help printing cards, the app will also give you a number you can take to the temple, where the cards can be printed for you.)

Your Story

We would love to hear your story of how the Ordinances Ready feature has enhanced your temple experiences. Download the app and try it out. Let us know your stories in the comments below.


Amie Tennant

Amie Bowser Tennant is a genealogy researcher, writer and presenter.She writes blog articles and other content for many top companies and societies in the genealogy field. Her most treasured experience is working as a consultant for family history. Amie lives with her husband and three children in Ohio, surrounded by many of her extended family.

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  1. I am trying to use the “Ordinances Ready” feature. How do I reserve a name that is already shared with the temple by someone else?

    1. Send message to person who shared ordinance(s) with temple, requesting that s/he share the ordinance(s) with you. If person who shared ordinance(s) with temple is willing to share them with you, s/he can set it up so that you receive email, consenting to do the ordinance work. I have done this several times, and would be delighted to share ordinance(s) with anyone willing to get the work done.

    1. Your Show Temple Ordinances setting is probably turned off. To fix it, click on the 3 bars, then click on the Settings (near the bottom). The second option is Show Temple Ordinances. Grey is off and green is on. Click the switch on. If that doesn’t work, then your membership number probably isn’t in your profile. Only members can see the temple options.

  2. It seems that I can only get male names from my Ordinances Ready. How do I get female names from Ordinances Ready or can I only get them from my temple file? I really like this app!

    1. Hi Deane, I see that males get male names, and females get female names. That way you can do the ordinances for the names you received. It is a wonderful option. Everyone going can take a name!

  3. I have a “problem” with “Ordinances Ready”! To me, the name implies that if I want to go to the temple to do sealings, I can go to “ordinances ready,” click on “sealings” and get the names of ancestors (or others) who are “ready” to be sealed. As I found out today, however, my assumption is incorrect. The names I received-those who were “ready” to be sealed, turned out to not be “ready” because in several instances, many of the “preparatory” ordinances for the person had not yet been performed–and it is my understanding that we are to try and do the ordinances in their proper sequence. This presentation also gives the impress, at least to me, that if I want to go to do some specific ordinances, all I have to do is go to “Ordinances Ready,” select the desired ordinance and them print out the cards provided by the computer. If only this were true. One must still examine each individual and see what ordinances are still needed by that person–this being the case, why have “ordinances ready” listings by a specific ordinance when persons are really NOT READY for some of the ordinances.

    1. I fully agree with William Car. If a name pops up in Ordinance Ready one should look carefully at that name before proceeding. Invariably there will be other family members that may need work done and will not show up unless a careful examination of the whole family line is done. I feel that the whole plan of family search, finding family names, and putting families together to have ordinances done is being negated by just grabbing a name. Those who “grab” a name are not doing family history work and it may even be a duplicate or need other ordinances.

    2. You can seal individuals to their parents without having the other ordinances completed. A marriage sealing is a different story.

    3. William, the Temple Department has given permission to do sealings out of order (such as a child to parents before the parent’s ordinances are complete) when the name is given you through “Ordinances Ready.” Also, these names have already been checked for duplicates. There is a window of only 90 days to complete the work for those names received through “Ordinances Ready.” The work is hastening!

  4. I realize Ordinances Ready first selects from your own Reservation list. Next it selects names which have been shared with the temple system. Does it also select names which have not been shared with the temple system? If so, what is the criteria it uses to select those records?

  5. The system will provide names that have not been adequately researched. I spend much of my time merging records because people do ordinance work for duplicate “names” because of poorly researched person files. That is why some are not reserved… because the research is not completed. The app grabs those names and shares them with folks who think the names are “good” because the system shared them. Time in the temple is precious and it is a shame to spend it doing duplicate work.

  6. It seems that when I use this app it only downloads female names. I am a female so can do that work, but my husband can do the male names I sure are waiting. Is this the case, that female researchers only can download female names and males only male names? Or have I just licled out the past few times I have used this app?

  7. Apparently all temple work has been done for all of the thousands of years of my ancestors because Ordinance Ready doesn’t find anything.