Ordinances Ready: A Convenient Way to Find Ordinance Reservations

July 29, 2019  - by 

Ordinances Ready is an automated service that searches FamilySearch.org and the temple reservation list to identify ancestors needing temple ordinances. For more information about Ordinances Ready, see this recent blog post.

This service is now available on FamilySearch.org as well as in the Family Tree mobile app. This availability means that you can find temple ordinances using your own computer, phone, or other devices when you are planning to go to the temple.

Screenshot of ordinances ready on the Family Tree app.
Screenshot of ordinances ready temple reservation list on the Family Tree app.

Youth looking at ordinance reservation cards at the temple.

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  1. I have been told by some highly experienced genealogists that when I use Ordinances Ready to obtain a name to take to the temple I must independently verify that person’s data before I take it to the temple. Is that correct?

      1. Ordinances Ready finds names based on the data in Family Tree. There are a lot of mistakes in Family Tree. I have been a FamilySearch Support Missionary for 6 years, so I speak from experience. If we want to be sure we are taking a valid ordinance to the temple we should definitely check the person’s page in Family Tree. This is especially true for relationships. If there isn’t at least one valid source for each person and each relationship, we should try to find one, attach it to the appropriate people and THEN take the ordinance to the temple. If we can’t find proof, we should wait until we can. It would be a shame to waste time doing incorrect or duplicate ordinances.

    1. “The following letter, dated 16 June 1995 and signed by the First Presidency, is for all Church members:
      We desire that all adult members of the Church … identify their ancestors, and perform temple ordinances … Because of the sacred nature of this work, members should be diligent in assuring the accuracy of all information submitted.”

      FamilySearch does not and cannot assure the accuracy or completeness of the information in the FS Tree. That is the responsibility of the submitter to the extent that he/she is able ie shows “due diligence”.