How to Order Family Discovery Day and Other Support Materials

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Are you hosting a family discovery day and looking into printing customized posters, fliers, and other materials? Are you looking for materials that will help you engage and teach Church members and community members with family history? Problem solved! You can order support materials from two places: BYU Print Services and

BYU Print Services

Materials available on this site are customizable and printed after you order them. Here you can create materials unique to your center or stake. If you find that the above link goes to a blank page, try to open the page in Firefox or Chrome. If you are using Explorer make sure you are using the most current version. Copy the address in the address box of your browser window and then paste it into a Chrome or Firebox browser page. The entire page can be accessed in 10 languages by clicking in the language selection box near the top right of the page.

  • Most discovery day materials can be printed in 10 languages. Colors and images are customizable for your area. Contact and calendar information for your event can be selected and printed on your choice of materials. You can also customize the color palette and photograph used on your materials. All items can be shipped globally at reduced rates.
  • In the coming months, more support materials and languages will be added to the family history center portion of this site. Watch for updates!

  • My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together—This easy-to-use booklet guides you through the process of gathering your family stories and photos and can help people gather and prepare family names to add to Family Tree. It can also be used to teach Church members how to have their own experience in finding and taking family names to the temple. The booklet can be ordered in 32 languages. For more information about how to use this important booklet, click here.
  • Family History: Get Started Now—This trifold brochure with space for a four-generation family tree and a panel for photos or stories is ideal for those who are interested in building a family tree without temple ordinance information. It can be ordered in 32 languages and customized through BYU Print Services for images and colors that reflect your local needs. You can add your family history center contact information as well. Some directors find that these brochures are economical enough that they distribute them to public libraries, societies, and other places of interest within the community.
  • Family History Coloring Book—Starting in May of 2015, the new Family History coloring book will also be available in English and other supported languages will be available in June. This is a great tool for inviting even the youngest children in your area to have a family history experience while visiting your center. Each page contains both a picture or activity, teaching about the importance of family history and a follow up activity they can do at home or while they are visiting your Family History Center.


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  1. As the director of a busy small ward
    in Columbia, Ms. Just wonder how we could qualify to become a discovery center
    for our FHC Library . We are central
    located we have a busy tree night a week.
    We have an open house every two years we have an average of 250 to 300
    each time. We have done for non members over 3000 , 15 generation
    sheet almost completed all lines,
    We have completed in temple 48 thousand ordinance last year. We go
    as a group and hold sealing trips
    on Wednesdays once a month we do
    on an average 350 sealing each month.
    we have been doing this each year since I returned to MS. from Naples Florida Ward. I would love to have
    ability to work with our area youth and
    none members through use of discover
    center. We have 7 computers and we are all in use most each day of each week. I work with an average of 25
    people a week helping them find
    family a lot non members. We would
    love to be able to offer use of discovery
    center to our area and all the stake
    youth. Members and non members.
    I try to keep all my 17 consultants and 6 community staff up on all programs and
    programs to be able to help the community in any way we can, Any
    info would be so appreciated.

    1. Barbara, the FamilySearch support number in Columbia is 01-800-700-1807. They may know where discovery centers are going to be placed in Columbia. You could also email Research support at to see if they know how to qualify to become a discovery center.

  2. soy nueva en mi llamamiento hay cosas que no entiendo mucho, estoy enseñando lo que se pero me parece que es poco. El centro se abrio hace poco y me a costado encontrar voluntarios. si me pueden ayudar, gracias.

    1. English translation:

      I am knew to my calling, there are things that I don’t understand much, I am teaching what I know, but it seems little to me. The center opened recently and it has costed me to find volunteers. If you can help me, thanks.

      Gladys, en esta pagina ud. puede encontrar el numero de apoyo de cada pais en el mundo. Cuando encuentre su pais, llame el numero y le van a poder ayudar:

      Gladys, on this site you can find the support number in every country. When you find your country, call the number and they will be able to help you (see link above).

      1. Thanks for your help. I finally called the BYU Printing Services and ordered the materials.Thanks to everyone,

  3. Lisa,
    Are there materials for a ward Family History Discovery Day? online or pre-printed? Anyone published tips on hosting one? Our Stake has not held one in years; so our Ward ( 33% of the entire Stake’s TFH activity) is doing this one as a dry run so to speak.