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August 7, 2015  - by 

Some of you may have experienced the new personal home page for FamilySearch users. When you are logged in, FamilySearch offers a home page with tips and research suggestions geared to you, your preferences, and your needs. Initial testing results suggest this new experience is effective at pointing patrons toward meaningful research experiences and at bringing out valuable content that patrons may have otherwise missed.

As a user, I find that seeing the new photos and documents my cousins are adding is a real bonus. Before this personalized experience, I was often missing these photographs and documents that I had never seen before. They are wonderful! I like being able to create a to-do list and quick access to my recently-viewed ancestor right on my home page.

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Here are some of the new options you will find on your personal home page:

  • Follow suggested next steps based on previous activity and the state of your ancestors in Family Tree.
  • Process and save recommended tasks to add information to your ancestors.
  • View recent contributions and activity made by your cousins on your family lines.
  • Quickly add items to your own to-do list, and check them off as they are completed.
  • See how you are related to any of your ancestors who are included in your activity feed or suggested next steps.
  • Enjoy quick access to your recently viewed ancestors in FamilySearch Family Tree to pick up where you left off during your last visit to your tree.
  • View personal statistics based on your previous activity on This includes how many photos and stories you have submitted for your ancestors and how many ancestors you are watching in FamilySearch Family Tree.
  • Access the Help Center, where you can find information on the location of the nearest family history center, find Support contact information, and take part in a live chat with a member of the support team.

You may be looking for some links you are accustomed to seeing as you come to FamilySearch. Here is a guide to those familiar items:

After moving into Family Tree or doing a search, you can return to your personal home page by selecting the FamilySearch icon at the top left corner of the page. Be sure to give FamilySearch engineers your feedback by clicking on the Feedback button on the right side of the page. They love to hear from you! Your comments are very valuable to them.

If you are not given the option for the new home page when you log in, be patient! This new experience has started to roll out gradually. In time, all FamilySearch patrons will be able to enjoy this new personalized interface when signing in to


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  1. I find all the features of the Personal Home Page nothing short of wonderful. I’ve used them for two or three weeks and I am constantly telling others about them. The only feature that I have not mastered is the to-do list. I’d like to be confident that I can bring up my list at any time and not just from the Home Page.

  2. I accidentally exited out of the test and need to see it again for a class I am teaching. Can you give it back to me?

    1. According to Support, if you leave the test, you cannot return to it. The system remembers the opt-out setting on the account and does not return, even if you delete cookies or change browsers or change computers.

      1. Very sad. That “opt out setting” is very badly worded. I can’t recall the actual wording of what I selected – but, to me, it was just meant as a way of exiting the page for the moment.

        Like me, any person may simply wish to close down the Personal Home Page in order to go to some other particular task in FT, at that moment. They don’t wish to be locked out of the personal page throughout the remainder of the trial period, as I now seem to be.

        If I remember correctly, there was also a separate Link to select if you don’t wish ever to see the personal page again, but I don’t recall selecting that one.

        I had been busily using every hint that the wonderful page threw at me, until I was locked out of it.

        1. I agree. It seems like there should be some way to get it back, but support says there isn’t. Wish it would have explained that, or at least how long we must wait now. I really liked the test, was just trying to make the bar go away so I could see the full page.

    2. This was done by mistake by my husband and I still don’t understand why it can’t be undone. It should be a simple thing. Someone should know how!!!!!!!

  3. I, too, opted out not realizing you could not return. I am wondering if when my husband opens up his family tree, will that affect his option? He has not been offered it yet.

    1. Anita, your husband should still be OK for seeing the new home page. My wife’s computer still gets the new page, while I can no longer get it ever since I closed it down one day (to access a name).

      I guess the programmers don’t realize that “Exit test” is ambiguous and misleading. It should be changed.

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    Regards …….. Edgar Kiefhaber

  5. Bowser confused me for a second until I realized it was misspelled. So, perhaps a correction could be made. It is funny, though.

  6. I really love what is coming in Family Search. Personalized Home Page will be loved and very useful. I have to say thank you for, not only helping with the information you provide, but to all those at Family Search that work so very hard for us. I have but one question; will this be available for androids?

    1. Elizabeth, I do not believe the personalized home page is available on the app for Family Tree on Androids. However, if you go to your web browser on your android phone or tablet and login to FamilySearch, you will see the personalized home page. I hope this helps!