New Records from the United Kingdom

September 20, 2019  - by 
a picture of the English countryside.

We are excited to announce that more record collections from the United Kingdom have newly become available and have been added to the FamilySearch library! We hope that these records will help you feel more in touch with a section of history, and we especially hope that they will open doors for you as you continue to research your family roots. Some of these collections include the following:

These record collections cover an interesting and eventful period in British history. As a result, they contain information about some of the United Kingdom’s most prominent men and women, including artists, explorers, politicians, and even royalty! Beyond learning about your own family ties, you can use these records to learn about these individuals and what your ancestors may have experienced during this time of their lives.

For example, you can now view information about Queen Victoria and her family that was recorded in the 1851 census. And you can also find the baptismal record of Charles Dickens in some of the parish records that have now become available. These records collections also include information about figures such as Florence Nightingale, Sir Winston Churchill, and others.

Visit our website  to see even more famous British, some of whom you may be related to! Once you start to build out your family tree on, this website can show you connections to ancestors included in these records, as well as 18 famous people who they may have talked about or read about in the newspapers. Once you begin creating a family tree, we can send you hints about matching records to help you discover more ancestors. If you’re a bit of a history buff, these records can be a great place to start perusing information. Or if you were feeling stuck in your United Kingdom family history research, these records might be your chance to push past barriers and discover more about your English heritage.

In any case, we wish you happy hunting!

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  1. Unfortunately my UK ancestors were miners and I don’t think they were related to any royalty or famous persons. But I do appreciate new records being added and want to say thank you.

  2. Its just wonderful to link up with our families , that feeling of reunion one of the best feelings in the world

  3. This is exciting, I have ancestors from England and Wales and Scotland, on my mother’s side, anccety DNA results.

  4. Thank you VERY much for everything you are doing for the researching process. I need it for the Stokes family

  5. Im looking for the death record of Alex Collins of S. E. Ladd St. Portland 14,London,United kingdom.he is the director of Shell Oil Company in London.

  6. Do you have any baptism record for Charles Dickens wherein his father, John Dickens, signed? I am trying to find a copy of John Dickens’s signature.