New Ordinances Ready Feature

October 23, 2018  - by 

Have you seen this? Watch as Elder Bradley D. Foster shows the new Ordinances Ready feature available in the Family Tree app. Ordinances Ready helps you and those you serve find family ordinances that are ready for the temple.



Learn more about using Ordinances Ready.


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  1. I do not have a smart phone neither my wife. We have a house set of mobile remotes through Cox an internet Wifi for computer connections. We also have a cell phone Sprint but not the Smart variety. My wife does have an iPod which she uses judicially. We looked into changing for the smart phones, but we are retired and Social Security allotment all we rely upon. We do have investments in property which support a Trust Fund arrangement with 1/2 our children and us the benefactors. Thus far self-sustaining but do make draws when absolutely needed as a bridge then pay back as we can in time. However, because of our desire in consecration we live on Social Security. Served 2 mission the same manner drawing on reserves to supplement requirements. Understand “email address will not be published.”

    1. Ordinance Ready is available to you on a home computer with WiFi when you log on to, whether at your home, someone else’s home, or a Family History Center. Probably your easiest option is to do this where there is a printer to print out your name cards that you will take to the temple.
      When you log in and see your family tree, choose from the menu at the top of the page “Temple.” You will then see “Ordinances Ready” on the dropdown menu.

  2. How can I download this to my computer?? We have poor internet connection in our stake center and I want to share this with the priesthood leaders.