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October 23, 2018  - by 

Have you seen this? Watch as Elder Bradley D. Foster shows the new Ordinances Ready feature available in the Family Tree app. Ordinances Ready helps you and those you serve find family ordinances that are ready for the temple.



Learn more about using Ordinances Ready.


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  1. Thank you for sharing all these comments and the articles. It is a big help as I will be using your articles in a talk in Sacrament on Temples and Family History. Appreciate it. I have downloaded the family tree app too. Very useful in this techno age!

  2. My experience is that the tree has a lot of errors and incomplete research. I would recommend adding another step to this–review each person’s page for vital dates, sources, relationships (right parents, siblings, spouse, children), and possible duplicates.
    In the review process, sometimes the extra research reveals that the ordinances have already been done but the family wasn’t put together right. Sometimes it reveals other family members that were left out and who also need ordinances. For example, for one of my “temple opportunities” that came to me by email (a child in a family), I combined a duplicate father, and the parents’ ordinances were already done, but one of the daughters still needed ordinances. The only source for the family was a census record. I added more sources, which included a marriage record, and some of the children listed had been born before the marriage. Other sources revealed that the father’s first wife had died, and she was the mother of the older children. The father had remarried, and the second wife was the mother of the younger children. The result was another mother who needed ordinances, another sealing, and children sealed to the correct mothers.
    In another review process, I joined my tree to someone else’s tree. It was a family with eight children. The other person had only birth sources for the children and had done all the ordinances for them. However, I had looked for death records–the first four children died as infants and needed only sealings.
    Don’t skip the homework. That really makes the temple experience personal.

    1. THANK YOU for your effort and comments! I always stress to people that doing a little research before taking the “green temple” name to the temple is imperative. You worded it so well! Thanks for sharing your experience with it!

    2. Thank you!!! I try to help people understand that a name is an invitation to do research. You have given excellent examples of why this is important.

    3. I also appreciate this post. Sadly many times I have done research that others have not done when they should have and either ordinances were done unnecessarily or a whole branch of a family was skipped over because the research wasn’t thorough. I would recommend always checking research hints and if possible, get more than one good source before submitting for the temple. I realize this is usually only possible post 1840 records, but if you are working post 1840 there are so many good records available that could help you show without a doubt that a person exists and I almost always find more people to add to the tree by checking multiple census records for one family. I would say on average a good 2 hours of research goes into each name I take to the temple. Once I have really worked for it and I know that my work is backed up by strong evidence, I feel so much more behind my temple experience.

  3. P l e a s e emphasize training for and encourage all patrons to be taking the time to research and specifically looking for and attaching sources to a person before printing and taking cards to the temple! It will cut down on duplicate records and redundant ordinance work being done for the same person, and more importantly it makes our ancestors the real people they are and enhances the spirit of what it is we are trying to accomplish here.

  4. Family Search needs to put a hold on these “temple ready” names as they are “green” but not always accurate and ready for the temple work to be completed. As a family history consultant I understand this, but someone who is not into genealogy they believe that the name is correct and ready. This is a learning curve for them as they do not have the skills yet to verify. If there would be a pause button of some kind to ask the patron to verify before printing we could use energy at the temple to work for those that are truly documented and ready.

  5. Decades of research is now done in 30 seconds! We live in amazing times. My grandmother and her mother would copy by hand hundreds of pages of information and in a lifetime would do temple work for an ancestor. If you think your work is done, I promis you have distant late cousins needing work done–and many of them.

  6. iam searching for parents of nancy mckey brown b.1792 somerville nj and died 1880 aledo illinios, wife of benjamin s brown, cant even find a sibling of hers.

  7. I have used this new feature, only after making sure the information is as correct as possible. Most of the Ordinances Ready that show up for me, especially regarding sealing to parents or spouse, do not have completed ordinances for the parents or one/both of the spouses. I’m aware that sealing ordinances are not valid until preliminary ordinances are completed, but I don’t choose to do that. Unless I accept the 5 or 10 sealings and complete them, there is no way for new Ordinance Ready opportunities to generate. I tried accepting some sealing to parents, printing, then going into my printed list and unreserving the same ordinances in hopes that new names would show up. Those same names that I printed and unreserved showed up again on the Ordinance Ready list. I wish there was a way to deny suggested opportunities so new possibilities could be generated.

  8. Will the information I received be saved on my phone until I can get to the Temple? I don’t have a printer, but I also don’t want to lose the name I received.
    Thank you for your time.
    Sherrie Siddoway

  9. I would like to bring my mother’s deceased uncles and aunts, but they are born within 110 years. So I need permission from the living closet relative. I gave my mother’s name and address and phone number. I haven’t received any permission yet. Please let me know why?