New Ordinances Ready Feature

October 23, 2018  - by 

Have you seen this? Watch as Elder Bradley D. Foster shows the new Ordinances Ready feature available in the Family Tree app. Ordinances Ready helps you and those you serve find family ordinances that are ready for the temple.



Learn more about using Ordinances Ready.


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  1. I love that familysearch is trying to encourage everyone to take a name to the temple, but I wish when they clicked on the name it would take them to the person page first, then simply walk them through some simple steps. Teach them to look for a couple of sources to ensure they are not duplicating temple work. It would also be helpful if they could choose to do all the work for the person, not just certain selected ordinances. It is far more rewarding! There is another benefit of directing them to the person page as they can then check to see if the rest of the person’s family needs work done, as sealing families is the best by far! 😀 I help many people with family history, and this is a great finding tool, but I honestly find that 2 out of 5 usually are duplicates once you dig a little deeper, and it’s so sad that people are being taught to skip the effort part of actually searching, sourcing, looking for missing family members, and then doing the necessary temple work. This is the most sacred work on earth and it should be done with great care, not rushed.

  2. This short simple video has been very helpful in teaching everyone in my stake how to do this. Does anyone know of a similar video that shows how to add memories?