Mobile Access to the Consultant Planner

November 14, 2017  - by 

The consultant planner is one of the most useful tools available in your work as a family history consultant or helper. It allows you to access member trees, prayerfully plan lessons, and monitor member progress as you help others have successful family history experiences.

You can now access this planner in the FamilySearch Family Tree mobile app by following these steps:

1. Open the Family Tree app.
2. Select More in the bottom right corner. (On Android, select the more icon in the top left corner.)
3. Tap Help.
4. Click Helper Resources.
5. If prompted, enter your FamilySearch username and password.

To learn more about how to use the consultant planner, click here.

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  1. CP is also available on your Android device
    Open FS Tree app
    Go to the drawer or hamburger menu in the upper left corner
    Go to Help
    Touch Consultant Planner

    1. Thank you Robert – not everyone uses Apple products.. and the insturcts in the article are nNOT correct for Android users.

  2. I have tried to follow the directions to add the Consultant Planner to my Family History App, but there is no “more” in the lower right had corner, no anywhere I can find in the app. I could use some help on this one.

    1. Patricia, do you have an Android phone? If so, there should be a button in the top left with three horizontal lines that functions the same way as the more button.

    2. Please remember to sign in to access all features. Windows phone has the more button at top right. As Alison says look for the 3 horizontal lines on your phone – but make sure you are signed in to see the consultant planner.

  3. Please list the steps to be able to use the FamilySearch Tree app as a consultant. Is it possible to sign in to FamilySearch Tree, use the Consultant Planner to be a helper and then record an audio using the FamilySearch Tree.

    1. Please contact us we do this all the time as Area TFHC . We can share alot of how to do for these apps having used them for 2 yrs now.

      1. Please list the steps to be able to use the FamilySearch Tree app as a consultant. Is it possible to sign in to FamilySearch Tree, use the Consultant Planner to be a helper and then record an audio using the FamilySearch Tree.

        I am the one that posted this message. I would appreciate instructions on how to do this.

        1. Judith, you can record audio on the family tree app, but not yet as part of the consultant planner. I hope this helps.

  4. I like the Consultant planner, but there is one flaw in it that makes it so much less useful and helpful. Specifically, when, as a consultant, I set up a lesson for someone, that person can’t see it. In other words, in order for the lesson to be of any use to the person, I have to be there with them. Sometimes preparing and delivering a lesson can’t be done with the person present, and they can get to it later, at a time when the consultant can’t deliver it, so being able to create a lesson, then allowing the person who the lesson was created for, access it on their own, would go a long way towards helping many of our people move forward.

    1. Seems as though we may be missing the point . . . . It is our understanding that the CP is designed for personal face to face one on one teaching. We should all give the patron a copy of the plan thats for sure but individual help with them is much better. Plus using the suggested 2 to 3 followup sessions seals the deal for them to be able to Find Take and Teach on their own!

      1. Yes. The consultant planner works amazingly well. When you use it and have the face to face sessions with the person you are helping, it is easier to follow the Spirit and for the person you are helping to feel the Spirit.
        Thank you so much for the Consultant Planner!

  5. I have been trying for days to log into family search and I cannot get on the web site anymore even after creating an account. Is there anything different going on with the web site or is it no longer available to the public?

  6. On my Samsung phone which is an Android, there is no MORE button.
    You go straignt to HELP from the drop down menu and then choose Consultant planner from that list.

    1. Jeannie, there should be a more icon on the Android app, not a more button. It would be in the top left corner of the screen and appear to be 3 horizontal lines. Hope this helps!

  7. I’ve tried following the steps on Android, I click the “hamburger” and click help but, Consultant planner is nowhere to be found. I’m a newly called Family History Leader and I would like to show this to my consultants who use a phone. As far as I can tell my app is up-to-date so I don’t know what is wrong.

    1. The wording on the app has changed since we wrote this article, thanks for letting us know! I just fixed the directions to have the correct wording. Follow all the steps and click on helper resources which will lead you to the consultant planner.