Celebrate Your Missionary Heritage

June 13, 2017  - by 

Learning about missionary ancestors can open windows to our past.

We’re all part of a great missionary heritage. Whether your ancestors preached the gospel in far-off places hundreds of years ago or you’re the one leading the way in creating your family’s missionary story, we all have a connection to someone who made sacrifices, great or small, to share the good news of the gospel. These stories connect us, inspire us, and show us the conviction and faith found in our roots.

FamilySearch is celebrating those stories with research tips, activities, and tools to help you discover more about your missionary heritage. Find out which of your ancestors served missions, where they served, and what their experience was like. Research your missionary ancestors in the Church History Database to find their names in mission records. Or get the family together and check out our fun missionary activities for all ages.


Learning about missionary ancestors can tell us a lot about ourselves.

Find out how learning about your ancestors’ missionary experiences can help shape your own.


Get the whole family involved in missionary work and family history.

Check out our ideas to help turn missionary work into missionary fun for the whole family!

Database Research Tips

The Early Mormon Missionary Database provides historical records of missionary ancestors.

Try these simple tips to help you find your ancestors in the Early Latter-day Saint Missionaries database.

Journals and Letters

Missionary journals and letters can provide a window into the past for family heritage.

Learn how you can preserve missionary documents that help tell your ancestor’s story.

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  1. The most difficult sites on line areAncestry and family search. I am very disappointed

    1. Donna, you do not need to enter your FamilySearch.org password and username to leave a comment on the blog if that’s what “I have tried several times and my user name or my password” is referring to. As for the difficult of using FamilySearch and Ancestry, what are you having troubles with? There may be some articles available that can help!