Celebrate Your Missionary Heritage: Activities

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Try these activities to get the whole family involved in the missionary spirit.

Here are some great ways to get the whole family involved in turning missionary work into missionary fun!

Missionary coloring pages

Print out these missionary-themed coloring pages and give them to members of your family to color while you talk about your family’s missionary heritage. When you’re finished, you can display them in your home along with any pictures you find of your missionary ancestors!

Ask the family to join in misisonary ancestry.
How to involve the whole family in missionary heritage.
Fun ways to get the family involved with family history and missionary ancestors.
How to involve even the youngest in your family in family history.
How to teach kids about their missionary ancestors.
Get the whole family involved in family history with these fun activities.

Games and activity ideas

These links can help you get the whole family involved in the missionary spirit. Try a few of these activities and games for all ages!


These missionary stories show how the spirit of missionary service can continue through generations to impact our lives.

Find out how learning about your ancestors’ missionary experiences can help shape your own.

Your Missionary Heritage

Learning about missionary ancestors can tell us a lot about ourselves.

Discover your missionary heritage with these research tips, activities, and tools.

Database Research Tips

How to use the Early Mormon Missionary Database to find resources to help you find your missionary ancestors.

Try these simple tips to help you find your ancestors in the Early Latter-day Saint Missionaries database.

Journals and Letters

Missionary journals and letters can provide a window into the past for family heritage.

Learn how you can preserve missionary documents that help tell your ancestor’s story.

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  1. the Elders used to stay at my Grand parents’ home and now they all have passed away, including my aunts, they left behind some old photos of Elders some of them have names on them and some don’t and some are dated back nearly 100 yrs. old…Do you want them to put up and try to find the ancestors of these young men. .way back then???Thanks pat martin

    1. Pat, Where did your Grandparents live during the time the photographs were taken? That might help others identify the photos.

  2. Ole Ellingson was my great great grandfather who joined the Church in Norway at 19 years of age and was called to a mission in Sweden where he was persecuted for his beliefs and because he was a Norwegian. He migrated to the US and eventually met and married a girl from Lehi, abigail Evans. One of their daughters, Sarah, married Nephi Preece and later moved to Vernal, Utah in the Uintah Basis of Eastern Utah. Their oldest son Karl Bank Preece married Lella Osea McCoy of Magnolia, Alabama. They met when Karl served a mission in the Southern States Mission. Bruce was born on his father’s 40th birthday, the last of 6 children.

  3. When I joined the church, 4 March 1979, I said I would join the church but asked not to have to pass our literature. A very short time later I was called as a stake missionary. Since then I have served stake, ward and full time missions for the past 38 years. I now can say I LOVE this calling and will talk to anyone about the church. Called to Serve is my ring tone on my phone, will be sung when I pass and what drives me in all I do.

  4. To know how many Elders that I am related to makes me happy to know that my family has a very strong history!!:)

  5. This is so uplifting! This shows the marvelous work of the Lord and how much He loves us and wants all of us back with Him again!