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August 10, 2019  - by 

Have you ever noticed a little red bubble by the word Messages at the top right corner of FamilySearch? When you see this notification, it means you have a new message awaiting that may help you discover more about your family.

Screenshot of messages bubble on FamilySearch website.

The Messages feature on FamilySearch lets you talk to other FamilySearch users, points you to new records and discoveries, and gives you updates about FamilySearch records and tools. The recently updated messaging system is easier to use, and new types of messages can help you as you dive into your family history.

Try signing in now to check on your messages! You can also learn about 3 types of messages below.

When you click Messages to bring up the messaging window, 3 tabs will appear: Conversations, Discoveries, and General. These tabs filter your messages so you can choose what you want to read.


While this feature has always been available in the mailbox, it has been greatly improved. Here you can converse with other FamilySearch users about records, dates, times, places, and whatever you would like. Many people use this feature to work with their family on finding and adding sources in the shared Family Tree.

Screenshot of Conversations tab in FamilySearch Messages.


This tab shows you messages from FamilySearch about record hints and other findings that can enhance your work on Family Tree. These messages are specific to you and can help you discover many new things about your family!

Screenshot of Discoveries tab in FamilySearch Messages.


These are messages about feature updates on the FamilySearch site and other general subjects. If you are curious about what new records have been added to FamilySearch or want to keep updated about what is happening on the site, you will find those messages here.

Screenshot of General tab in FamilySearch Messages.

FamilySearch is committed to keeping you informed about all the things that might help you discover and connect with your family. So, when you see a little red bubble, check out what new things are happening!

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  1. Is there a way to print the message? It would help when we are doing sealings to compare the message with the info we have to make sure we got everyone.

  2. I am a new TFH consultant. I have signed up numerous times to receive blog emails and I’m not getting them. Could you check into this. Also Charles Everett Hull and Lois Elaine Hull are showing up as group administrators in my ward, Lovell 2nd ward, and they have been released. Jack Carpenter was called in their place and he is not showing up. Our ward clerk has changed them but it didn’t change in

    1. Recommend you try using the “Contact Us” feature in the upper right-hand corner of FamilySearch under the “Help” drop down menu.

  3. This is a great tool for collaboration, but there are some people who insist on turning it into a bad thing. I have someone who will not stop sending me rude messages even though I have politely asked them to stop. I have reported it to FamilySearch, but because the person’s language was not “vulgar,” they refuse to do anything about it. This tool NEEDS to come with the option of blocking someone from sending you personal messages. It’s gotten so bad that I don’t even want to log into FamilySearch because of this person’s messages. I need a way of blocking them!

  4. Wonderful! Thank you so much for this new information at our fingertips! I am reading not only messages from new cousins I never knew of; but, also historic photos, headstones, stories of my ancestors. It’s nice to put a face and life’s experiences to a name.

  5. Don’t forget that you can also check on ordinances that have been completed.don’t delete that message so that you have a list of ordinances completed