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August 10, 2019  - by 
Girl looking at FamilySearch messages with her grandma.

Have you ever noticed a little red bubble by the word Messages at the top right corner of FamilySearch? When you see this notification, it means you have a new message awaiting that may help you discover more about your family.

Screenshot of messages bubble on FamilySearch website.

The Messages feature on FamilySearch lets you talk to other FamilySearch users, points you to new records and discoveries, and gives you updates about FamilySearch records and tools. The recently updated messaging system is easier to use, and new types of messages can help you as you dive into your family history.

Try signing in now to check on your messages! You can also learn about 3 types of messages below.

When you click Messages to bring up the messaging window, 3 tabs will appear: Conversations, Discoveries, and General. These tabs filter your messages so you can choose what you want to read.


While this feature has always been available in the mailbox, it has been greatly improved. Here you can converse with other FamilySearch users about records, dates, times, places, and whatever you would like. Many people use this feature to work with their family on finding and adding sources in the shared Family Tree.

Screenshot of Conversations tab in FamilySearch Messages.


This tab shows you messages from FamilySearch about record hints and other findings that can enhance your work on Family Tree. These messages are specific to you and can help you discover many new things about your family!

Screenshot of Discoveries tab in FamilySearch Messages.


These are messages about feature updates on the FamilySearch site and other general subjects. If you are curious about what new records have been added to FamilySearch or want to keep updated about what is happening on the site, you will find those messages here.

Screenshot of General tab in FamilySearch Messages.

FamilySearch is committed to keeping you informed about all the things that might help you discover and connect with your family. So, when you see a little red bubble, check out what new things are happening!

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  1. This information is quite helpful. I’m thrilled to see that new records have come from theUK because many of my relatives are from there.

  2. Erase & start over. I am NOT Ottie J. Moore. She is my DECEASED mother. I want to sign in as ME-Judy A. Carver DeBerry Egbert, born Judy Carver, 17 June 1944. How to do this?

    1. Judy, the good news about FamilySearch is anything that you do can be fixed! Try contacting a representative by clicking here. They will be able to walk you through step-by-step to fix your problem.

  3. Please put a print feature on the messages. We received a message from a family member of my wife. I tried to print it and couldn’t even get his name.

  4. Thank you for all the work that must have gone into getting this to us. I will be able to use these features in the future.

  5. It would really be nice to be able to turn off some of these “messages.” For instance, the Ancestor Calendar (or whatever it’s called) that shows about an upcoming day/month on which an ancestor was born. Waste of my time to have to delete those. Given the option, I would probably choose NOT to receive a great many of these such as Homeland Discovery, Pioneer Relative, Ancestor Calendar. These are just a waste of time and space for me.

    1. I’m glad you reached out Karen because you can actually unsubscribe from all messages in your settings. Go to the “notifications” section section and you can do it from there. Hope this helps!

  6. I was signed into family search. I don’t remember username, password, recently did iPhone updates, now cannot get into it. Who can I call for help?
    I’m not that great on computer.

    1. Click here for a great article that walks you through all the steps of resetting your username and password. Hope it helps!

  7. I m still looking for the directions step by step to use the messaging system. I reply to others who are following the same family and they ntell me to go to settings and enable them so they can see if we are related. their directions don’t work on my machine.

    1. John, I’m glad you reached out! Click here for a great article that explains step-by-step how to enable that new feature. Hopefully the directions are more clear!

  8. How can I make contact with someone if they are not logging on and checking their messages? Are you able to pass my email address onto them?

    1. Hi Donna! Thank you for your questions. Please contact FamilySearch Help and tell them the issue and they may be able to contact the other person and ask them to respond or may be able to pass along your contact information. They will know what options are available. Thank you for reading the blog!