Changes to Memories Are Now Included in the List of Latest Changes

October 2, 2014  - by 

In the past, only changes to an indivdual’s  details page were those changes shown in the Latest Changes list. Now, when you attach, detach, and modify a photograph, a story or a document in the memories pages, those actions are tracked in Latest Changes.


Latest Changes












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  1. latest change,thomas white ,1520-1579 and tamesen white1520-1554 shoud be underalexander white 1540-1596 not under elenor white slot

    1. Bill, I’m not quite sure this is where the changes you would like to see made in familytree should be posted. I noticed your post in another blog entry as well. I’m not sure that anyone really checks the comments for requests such as yours. Do you have an account with familysearch that gives you access to familytree? If so, you can make these changes yourself. If you are unsure how to do that, check with a family history consultant at a nearby family history center (or if there is not a center near you, try contacting a ward to see if they could set up a times to work with you one on one). In this particular case, however, It would not be possible for Thomas White (1520-1979) and Tamesen White (1520-1554) to be “under Alexander White” (1540-1596) because being “under” him would indicate they were his children. Children cannot be born 20 years before their father.

  2. Do you mean “Changes to Memories are now included in the list of Latest Changes columm on the Person Page” Please Advise. Thanks

  3. Just want you people to know that you have COMPLETELY ruined the best site on the web to search for ancestry facts. Before you decided to update I could log in, enter a name, search and get all kinds of data. Since you updated all I get is the message that you cant find that page. What would it take to put it back like it was for the benefit of us millions of people that used the site and loved it???
    Disgusted–Clay G.

    1. Clay, this sounds like something FamilySearch Support would be able to clear up. You should call them at 1-866-406-1830. If this doesn’t have to do with your account then maybe it is internet connection. There are still really great things on FamilySearch that they can help you easily get to. Do not get discouraged, there’s help!

    1. Bill I am not sure what this problem is but if people are in the wring place on your tree you might try calling support to get it sorted out. Their number is 1-866-406-1830. Good luck!