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Italian Indexer Spotlight
Thousands of indexing volunteers take time to make the world’s records freely available. Get to know the indexers of FamilySearch! Who are they? What makes them tick?

Miriam Piccione Grover is an indexer from Taranto, Italy. She was born in Italy and joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with her family in 1976. She is a mother of four daughters and one son, who also participate in indexing. She loves to cook, crochet, travel, read, and watch movies. Miriam is kindhearted and loves giving service to the elderly, with whom she feels a special kinship. This love for previous generations inspires her interest in family history and connecting with the past.

Miriam gained a love for family history early in life from her grandfather, who had a strong interest in studying his family heritage. It wasn’t until years later that she started to actively pursue her interest by searching for her ancestors in Taranto. She fervently prayed that somehow it would be possible for her to find her father’s relatives, specifically her paternal great- grandfather and great- grandmother. For no particular reason, it seemed, one of her aunts suddenly called her and provided all the needed information. Miriam truly felt her prayer had been answered.

This love for her family and the desire to know her heritage naturally led her to indexing. Miriam started indexing five years ago when she was asked to teach a class on Italian Indexing. This was the first time she had heard of indexing, and she needed to learn very quickly if she wanted to be able to teach the class. She developed a true passion for the work, and she continues to index today. “I find it really relaxing to index in the evening in my home office. I feel a sense of tranquility wash over me as I look at the old, precious documents and think about the details of the lives of those who have gone before me,” Miriam comments. Miriam indexes because it provides a sense of purpose. “By indexing I can keep alive the memory of those who are gone from this life,” she says. “Someone out there may be looking for that one name. It might be their grandmother, their niece who was a stillborn, or a parent. Through dedicated indexing, families may reconnect, making their family circle complete.”

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  1. I had sent a message to Laron Johnson sometime in Nov. 2013, I believe that’s when it was. I received a message back. When I returned a message the e-mail had expired.
    My e-mail was about my Whitley family. Beginning with myself:
    Jana Whitley Wallace, Parents: Aubrey Oran Whitley (1914-1977), Vivian Butler Whitley (1914-2006).
    Grandparents: Peter Vinson Whitley ((1890-1946), Velma Edwards Whitley (1889-1978).
    1st Great-GP: Jefferson Davis (J.D.)Whitley (1861-1947), LouBelle McDonald Whitley (186-1925).
    2nd Great GP: Isaac Whitley (1836-1868), Vina Green (1838-1900).
    3rd Great GP: Thomas Whitley (1805-aft. 1880), Chloe(Flora) Alford Whitley (1808-aft. 1870).
    Please send me an e-mail and I will ask further questions.
    Sorry if I sent this to the wrong department.

    1. Jana,

      I’ll do my best to see if Elder Johnson is still serving with us. If he is, I’ll forward your email to him.


  2. Do you know if it is possible to request any church records that may exist of a marriage in an LDS chapel? My grandmother’s first marriage to my biological grandfather occurred circa 1943 and I am hoping to find some church records that may shed some light on his name and genealogical background. He is a bit of a mystery otherwise (searching marriage license and divorce records so far has not proven helpful). Thanks in advance.

  3. Thank you Marian for sharing your story and your interests..

    would like to know you better

    sincerely patricia jarvis