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As we sat around the kitchen table many years ago, I asked, “Who can tell me what Easter is all about?”  Our young children enthusiastically replied, “Bunnies.” “Baskets.” “Candy.” “Easter dresses.”  Not one of our precious little people said, “The Savior.”  I knew from that point on, our Easter tradition would have to change. I researched books and websites for the perfect Christ centered traditions, only to come away feeling empty and overwhelmed.  As I thought about our growing family and the desires of my heart, I felt the quiet promptings of the spirit whisper to focus on our Savior Jesus Christ and keep things simple. It was my “Mary moment.”

See I love Martha and am s

More Like Mary
o well acquainted with her. I live her life, but the Lord is quietly trying to teach me to be more like Mary.  So I put away all the grand plans and on Easter we pulled out the scriptures and focused on the Savior.  As the years have come and gone and more children being added to our family we have found added peace and blessings from our simple tradition.  Our children share insights and growing testimonies of the Savior.  Occasionally one of the children will suggest watching the video presentation about the Crucifixion of Jesus.  Tears will be shed, and a greater appreciation of all that He endured for each of us individually will fill our hearts.  Occasionally I worry and let doubt and comparison creep into my heart as I see all the amazing things that other families do, but then I remember I’m trying to be more like Mary. “I love Jesus.  He is my best friend” one of the younger children will say and I know that our Easter Sabbaths are exactly as they should be: focused on the Savior.

This Easter memory was submitted by Allison Kimball, who published her own blog site named Simple Inspiration. Ms. Kimball can be contacted at



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