Looking Down the Line: Golfing Today and Yesterday

June 20, 2015  - by 

The US Open is in swing. As pro and amateur golfers tee-off in one of the largest competitions of the year, avid spectators and participants are enamored by sloping, green fairways, open skies, and the captivating quietude of each round.

High hopes of up and coming starlets permeate the air, while celebrated veterans stroll the grounds with confidence: both in pursuit of an attractive cash prize and the honorable title of champion. It was won four times by Robert T. Jones in 1923, 1926, 1929, and 1930. It was shocking to many that he never went pro as he was the only amateur to win more than once! He went on to design the Augusta National golf course, used today to host the Masters tournament every April.

The records of Robert T. Jones were found in the 1930 census, along with another past US Open champion: Byron Nelson. Nicknamed “Lord Byron” for his gentleman-like manner, Nelson took the title in 1939. Pro-golfer Ben Hogan’s records were pulled from the 1920 census. He would find himself on the winner’s stand in 1948, 1950, 1951, and 1953. Still considered one of the greatest golfers to grace the game, Hogan was dubbed, “The Hawk” after displaying a fierce demeanor that intimidated the other sportsmen.

As this year’s Open drives on, join the club as fans explore the records of these brilliant golfers, and other persons of interest, within the FamilySearch database. Peer into a past life and discover the people that have affected your life today.

Robert Jones Census Record

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