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March 31, 2015  - by 

We have developed a new view in FamilySearch Family Tree that dramatically increases the amount of information displayed for each ancestor, and gives you new ways to customize how it is displayed. Called “Landscape,” this new view of Family Tree is being rolled out gradually in order to test the capacity of this new feature on our systems.

Because of the gradual release schedule, some users in your center will already have access to this new feature, while others will not. It’s important for you to be able to access Landscape view (if you don’t have access already) in case you receive any questions about it. Below are special instructions for bypassing the release schedule limitation and enabling your account to see the new view.

Here are the steps.

  1. Go to this URL:

Reset Cookies




It will ask if you want to “Reset your cookies?” Select YES.

  1. Go DIRECTLY to this URL:


Reset Cookies 2






You will be prompted to login. When complete, you should be on the new landscape view.

The initial response to this new feature has been overwhelmingly positive. You can read more about it on the FamilySearch Blog.


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  1. Will you be sending the link to remove copies directly to the FHC Email address so that we can access on the FHC computers and click on the link to remove cookies?

  2. I have tried going into the new landscape by deleting cookies as shown in this article but when I choose YES it takes me to a page that says 502 Bad Gateway. Any ideas on how to get beyond this point?

    1. Lori, depending on your browser you may need to remove temporary internet files first, or there may be another issues with your computer. If you’re still having trouble try calling Research Support at 18664061830.

      1. I finally got the new landscape view and LOVE it but my pictures are not on it. Is that still coming. I know someone else that has it.

  3. For Chrome users: You must clear or delete BOTH temporary files and cookies to get this to work. Clearing cookies is not enough. It is still in testing and even if you try the url you still may not get it.

    1. Clay, try calling FamilySearch Research Support at 18664061830 to see if they can give you specific instructions on solving your problem.

  4. I had the same problem with resetting the Cookies as others have expressed. I deleted all browsing history and tried again. It worked perfectly. I love the new look.

  5. I am the Center Director in the Sandy Crescent FH Center. I was not able to access the new Landscape View as directed in the Director’s Blog.

  6. I started a comment but I don’t believe that I clicked on post. I am trying to delete cookies so I can get on the new landscape view. After I click on delete I get a message “502 Error Bad Gateway”. What can I do now?

    1. Are you using Google Chrome? If so, some users have had to delete cookies and temporary internet files in order to get the landscape view. If that still isn’t working, call FamilySearch Research Support at 18664061830 for more possible solutions.

      1. Do not waste time contacting FamilySearch Support on this issue. We missionaries do not have Landscape view, nor do we have an article instructing us on how to assist patrons yet. This roll out is crazy, give it to patrons first, support people LAST.????

        1. Thank you David for your suggestions. I have deleted the cookies and I am using Chrome. I even tried deleting just the FS cookies. It is so frustrating as nothing works.

        2. I have Google Chrome and had the same problem. I ended up deleting the browsing history, and now it works perfectly.

  7. 1) Does not allow opening to other spouse(s);
    2) Difficulty in moving page up or down. This may be “ME”.

  8. I am noticing in the landscape view that after I update information or add people, the information does not show up in landscape view. It shows up when I switch to a different view, but not this one.

    Does it take time before showing up? Or is there something wrong with my tree?

    1. Elizabeth, you may want to try using a different browser, or deleting the temporary internet files and cookies from your browser to help it work more smoothly.