New Indexing Program: Tablet Support and the New Learning Experience

April 14, 2014  - by 
New Indexing Program

Are you getting excited about the new indexing program coming later this year? Two features we’d like to introduce you to include indexing on tablets and a new getting started experience.

Indexing on a Tablet

When the new program comes out later this year, you will be able to index on tablets such as the iPad, the Nexus, the Kindle Fire, and more. Indexing on a tablet will not require software that you have to download. You will simply use the tablet’s Internet browser and visit the indexing website. Once you log into the indexing website, you will see the exact same features that will be available in the indexing program on your laptop or desktop computer.

As many of you know, FamilySearch released a test mobile indexing program two years ago that allowed indexing on both tablets and smartphones. Through feedback and observation, we learned that indexing on the small phone screens is currently impractical for a number of reasons. Because of that, the new indexing program was not designed to work on smartphones. However, because of what we learned from testing the mobile app, the program will work better on the smaller tablet screens.

(Example of the new indexing program on a tablet screen)

New indexing program on a tablet

The New Getting Started Experience

When you are learning how to index for the first time or even learning how to index a new project, it’s always nice to have someone sitting right next to you, guiding you through the process.

In the new indexing program, we want to give you that same type of experience—being guided, step-by-step, as you learn how to index. As you get started in the new program, you’ll be able to review test batches, follow the instructions, and practice indexing while actually inside the indexing program.

Specifically, the new getting started experience will allow you to:

  • Learn about the new program before making the switch.
  • Try out a new type of record before committing to index a batch.
  • Help new indexers get started more easily.

Additional guidance will help you know how and when to use various functions of the program, such as Organize Fields, the new Image Gallery, and more. (What’s the Image Gallery, you ask? We’ll talk about that in a future article. Stay tuned!)

(Please note, the images shown below are in English because the program is still in development. The new program will be translated into the standard indexing languages. These are just examples; the final product may be slightly different from what you see below, but the concepts will be the same.)

Step-by-Step Instructions

The new learning experience will walk you through each step and help you know what to do. There will be hints provided to help you know what to index.

step by step instructions

Guided Experimentation

Tutorials inside the program will let you experiment and will give you guidance if you’re not sure what to do. Highlights will show you what to index.

guided experimentation


While in the tutorial, if you type in something that doesn’t match the image, the program will let you know and give you a chance to correct what you typed. When you click Hint, you’ll see the correct way to index the information.


We hope you are as excited about these features as we are! Stay tuned to learn more about the new indexing program in the next newsletter.

This is the third article in a series to introduce the future indexing program. Read the first two articles here:

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  1. I tried to install FAMILY SEARCH 2X AND I got GENERAL BEHAVIORAL DETECTION and GENERIC VIRUS, and my antivirus program prevented me from installing it. Can you please tell me what the problem could be. P.S. I used to have it on my computer but about a month ago I lost my account page and then 3 weeks ago my windows crashed completely and I lost everything and now I am trying to replace everything.

  2. I just tried to find this in the App store for my Apple device S6Plus/iOS 10.1.1. The search did not bring up anything.
    The blog and other comments below are from 2014…
    Please let me know if and how I can do indexing on my device.

    1. The release was delayed to add some important features. Stay tuned and we’ll make sure to announce it on the blog when it is ready.

    2. Tablets will be supported on the new web indexing program, but you will need to use an external, more efficient keyboard.

      I love my tablet, but I’d hate to index from it. For me, the best tool is still my desktop with dual screens. (But I’m an old guy with dimming eyesight.)

  3. All I have is an acer chromebook and I want to index. Whenever I push the “download indexing” button, a screen pops up and it has a bunch of wierd symbols, numbers, and letters. It won’t let me download it. Is it even possible to download on an acer chromebook?

    1. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on the Chromebook operating system. But when the new browser-based version comes out in the next couple months, you will be able to use that.

    1. The new indexing program won’t be in app form. Rather it will be accessible through the browser on your tablet. It isn’t available to the public yet but is getting really close.

  4. I have only 14 records to fill in for my project I am doing for Indexing – but they have given me 40 available records – i am on an iPad so how do i delete the extra records i don’t need to fill in because there are no more records to fill in?

  5. When I try to index on my tablet it comes up with an error message. Is the indexing still not available for tablets or is there another possible issue?

    1. It should work on your tablet, what is the error message you are getting? You might want to call Support to work through it with them – 866-406-1830.

    1. Yes! Indexing and reviewing works on a tablet just fine. It’s ideal to use an external keyboard if you can but it’s not required.