Indexing Exceeded the Goal to #LIGHTtheWORLD

January 3, 2017  - by 

#LIGHTtheWORLD this Christmas season by indexing

Congratulations! You worked to #LIGHTtheWORLD in December by indexing 20,446,228 records and arbitrated 6,539,751. Way to surpass the 15 million records goal!

By taking time out of your holiday season to index, you provided the opportunity for families to discover their ancestors. Thank you for giving such a wonderful gift!

December Results

20,446,228 Indexed Records
6,539,751 Arbitrated Records


The original goal was 15 million indexed records which you handily achieved about half way through the month! But you kept up pace as your responded to the stretch goal of 22 million indexed records. This was truly a success! Way to go above and beyond to end 2016!

Happy New Year!!

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  1. I love Indexing. Let’s just say…I’m addicted! I set my own personal goals and get excited when i achieve them. In the two years that I’ve Indexed, I’ve done famous people, family members, and thousands of names I don’t know. I get excited when I hear that family temple work has been accomplished because of Indexing efforts from ALL of us. I have a testimony of this great work and have had some sacred moments just sitting here at my computer! This has been a blessing in my life. My personal goal is to reach 1 million records…and I’m 1/4 of the way there! Who can possibly complain about this great opportunity to serve others…and the Lord?

  2. I just finished reading “Added Upon” by Nephi Anderson and now know just how important Indexing helps people on both sides of the veil! I really enjoy Indexing and hope I can continue doing it for years to come!

    Norma Elsberry

  3. I have just completed my first 3 batches of Indexing from C19 British newspapers and thoroughly enjoyed it! I know my skill increased as I went along, and it was a good way to enjoy a break from actual F/T researching, and getting to understand more how the older records were presented, and the periodic difficulties in formatting to the Family Search requirements.
    I still enjoy a challenge, and I think I’ve found a good and very interesting one. Now in my 80th year, and my brain is getting very engaged once more!

  4. We are very discouraged with the indexing projects available. There are
    fewer and fewer obituaries and fewer
    typed projects of any kind. Therefore,
    we are doing less and less and our
    skills are also less and less.

  5. I’m sorry but I can’t seem to download a batch that I understand or can do. I am having to return all that I have downloaded. I So much want to be a part of this project but I’m not sure I can do this. I contributed to this project when it first began and I don’t remember it being so difficult.

  6. I am discouraged getting started with indexing. I did this several years ago and found it enjoyable and I was able to do it. I’m sorry but unless I have help with this I probably won’t be able to this.

  7. Ive only just started last year and it has given me a since of worth as i did not service a mission but i can service my fellow Brothers ad Sisters in this great calling

  8. I only started last year,as i did not service a mission i have found away to thank my Father in Heaven for giving me this opportunity to service others. I have loved ever minute of it.