Who will index or arbitrate the billionth record?

March 19, 2013  - by 

Thanks a Billion
Since the launch of FamilySearch indexing in September of 2006, over 984 million records have been indexed and arbitrated! The advances of technology and the dedication of our volunteers have increased the speed with which we can process and deliver records for publication. We are so close to reaching one billion records indexed and arbitrated! Join us in a global effort to reach this goal. Who will be the one to index or arbitrate the billionth record? Will it be you? Start indexing today!

Special prizes will be given to the indexers and arbitrator of the billionth record. Follow status updates on the FamilySearch indexing Facebook page during the coming weeks.

To view the new and recently completed projects, visit here.

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  1. Hello, This is so exciting. I have checked FSI’s Facebook page every day for a week and I have not seen an update. How close are we to reaching the 1,000,000,000 mark?

  2. I just started indexing recently – love it! I’m so pleased with the ease of the software and the batch sizes that are quick to complete – makes me feel so accomplished! This is so well laid-out /planned – to whomever designed this – thank you and thanks for the opportunity!

  3. estoy muy feliz con mi nuevo llamamiento de directora de indexing, estoy aprendiendo como endexar me falta aprender muchas otras cosas mas les agradesco sus informes atraves de fb de esta manera ayuda a los mienbros a recordar cúan importante es esta obra es lo mas maravilloso que esta pasando en mi vida, agradesco la confiansa de mi querido padre celestial. y les ruego nos ayuden muchas gracias atte: hna Roxana