How to Use the Family Tree

October 29, 2019  - by 
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The FamilySearch Family Tree is an incredible tool that can help you organize information about your family and learn more about them along the way. To help you make the most of Family Tree, we’ve provided several easy-to-follow guides on how to use the Family Tree.

For example, you can discover how Record Hints can tell you more about your family, or you can learn how to link to living family members. It’s easier than you think! Whether you are starting from square one with your family tree or your family tree goes back several generations, there is always more to learn about your family.

All about the FamilySearch Family Tree

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  1. I am just beginning with FamilySearch and have 30 years experience, but this is a new system for me. I have a Grandmother I can NOT find much on and need to accomplish this because my sister is very sick and wants to know her.

  2. I would like to make a permanent large family tree – not online. I can print a pedigree chart but that only prints info back a short distance. Also I would like to print it so that it includes children and other relationships. It seems like an onerous and difficult task without doing a lot of handwritten stuff Is there an easier solution? Tks for any suggestions.

    1. Hi Deborah! Thank you for your question. Living people exist in each user’s private space. You will each have a different ID for each living person. This is to protect privacy. Please check out this Help Center article for more information: What is a private space in Family Tree? Thank you for reading the blog!

  3. Hi, how do I export my Family Search tree (which is extensive) and import it into an account my mom can use? I made an account for her but it’s blank and she is elderly and I dont want to have to start from scratch for her. Thanks.

    1. Hi Kristina! Thank you for your question. Since she is living, you will need to connect her to her deceased parents already in the Tree. Then she will have access to the same information you do. Good luck and thank you for reading the blog!

  4. What kind of items should and/or should not be entered in the Documents and Memories sections of an individual’s Family Search file?