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FamilyTree is a fantastic program for helping members of the Church see their ancestry and prepare the names of deceased relatives for temple ordinances. As you’ve helped local Church members set up their FamilySearch accounts, you’ve probably noticed that their pedigrees are blank unless they provide their membership record number (MRN) during the account setup process. If they do not know this number, there are several ways to retrieve it: (1) check the back of their temple recommend, (2) contact their ward clerk, (3) log-in to Tools, click Directory, and search for their own record, or (4) log-in to their pre-existing Latter-day Saint Account. This article will walk you through the fourth option.

Members who set up their Latter-day Saint Account in the past were asked to provide their MRN during the account setup process. If they remember how to log in to their Latter-day Saint Account, they can now log in to FamilySearch using their Latter-day Saint Account. This log-in will enable them to view their own pedigrees and use Family Tree’s temple submission features.

You may find that members need to go to the Settings page to change their username and email contact information. Without correct contact information, other users of Family Tree will not be able to contact the member for questions about entries or collaboration on family lines. To get to the Settings page, click the drop-down arrow next to the sign-in name, and then click Settings. In the toolbar immediately under the FamilySearch logo, click Account for the page where you find the box to choose and type a username. Be sure to click Save Changes (near the bottom of the page) before you move from the page.

In the toolbar under the FamilySearch logo, click Contact. Select a contact name and email address. Be sure to select Public by the email address. Family Tree is built for contact and collaboration between users. Users need to make their contact information available to others who are also working on their family lines. Again, be sure to click Saved Changes before you leave the page.

By adding access to through Latter-day Saint Accounts, Church members can easily begin connecting with their ancestors are already on FamilySearch. org. Or they can begin adding ancestors to Family Tree. Easier access opens the way for them to find and submit names for temple work. And it helps family members work together in accomplishing this great work.

Nathan Murphy

Nathan W. Murphy, MA, AG is a United States and Canada Research Consultant at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. He specializes in Southern United States and English family trees.

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  1. I have problems restoring my password. I tried repeatedly and no success. It keeps telling : ” incorrect password”

  2. I have a (colored) picture 8+12 of Samuel Bar And Helen (Chrisinger) Randals (circa 1913) with their entire family, i.e. all sons and daughters in law, and including all their children, and all named as separate families. Samuel was my great Uncle. I would like to forward this picture to anyone interested.

    1. Hi Theodore! Thank you for your comment. You can scan the photo and attach it to their Memories in the FamilySearch Family Tree. Then anyone who is interested in these people will be able to have access to the image. Hope this helps!

      1. Sounds like a sensible idea but I am not too “swift” in these computer manoeuvres. But may give it a try. Theodore.