Thank You for Helping to Fuel the Find*!

August 19, 2015  - by 

First of all, we’d like to give a huge thank you to those who participated in the recent Worldwide Indexing Event! 82,039 volunteers joined together from all over the world to help “Fuel the Find”* in one week. Several milestones were achieved this week, including 12,251,870 records indexed and 2,307,876 records arbitrated. Click here to see what else was accomplished across the globe.

Thank you especially to those of you who used your language skills to help index French, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish records. The need for indexed records in languages other than English will continue well into the future. If you or others you know are fluent in one or more these languages, we need your ongoing help to “Fuel the Find” for people worldwide who are looking for their ancestors.

If you choose to continue indexing in English only, please know that your efforts are equally needed and appreciated!

Thanks to everyone for your efforts to make records searchable around the world. Feel free to share the participation badge below with your friends on social media to let them know you helped “Fuel the Find.” You are making a huge difference for people around the world!

*What does it mean to “Fuel the Find”? Indexed records are like the fuel that gives the power to connect people to their missing family members. Every name you index adds another drop of precious fuel that can help others find their ancestors.

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  1. I find Indexing the perfect answer for those nights when I cannot sleep, such as tonight. Imagine the thrill it has been to discover I’m indexing for people such as Gen. Winfield Scott, for whom Scottsdale, AZ was named; and to see the signature of James Buchanan when he was Sec. of State and processing passport requests. Just last week I came across the name of Charles Putnam who might be an ancestor of mine. I really enjoy this work. Thank you for this opportunity to do my part.

  2. As the Stake Indexing Director I encouraged all members to participate and I hope we put in a valiant effort. I am wondering if there was some way to extract the data of who indexed for the project so that we may give them some recognition for their efforts.
    I love indexing and hope that others find the names they need because I indexed. Those waiting beyond the veil, I am sure are pleased with the efforts made by all who give the Lord their time.

  3. I participated in the 2015 Worldwide Indexing Event. I refrained to index or arbitrate when the decision to end the arbitration of obituaries. “They were deemed to be accurate enough after the indexer completed his or her work.” Excuse me, but I’ve arbitrated 16,030 records and I’ve only found a handful of perfect batches. The indexed obituaries are replete with errors! Arbitration is essential to produce near perfect records. There’s even differing opinions among arbitrators. Regardless, the records are more accurate after arbitration.

    1. I understand where you are coming from. But it is my understanding that the indexing/arbitration is mostly to help searchers find the original records so they can view all the specific details.

  4. I enjoyed doing the indexing. I had done it for a little while when we were asked to participate the first time. Then I let other things take me away from it. It has been very rewarding to come back to indexing. I hope I can keep it up; I am trying to do at least a batch every other day (today I have done two so far).

  5. Hi, I have just started indexing about a month ago, and it was accidentally I came across indexing and remembered many years back when my dad would try to do some using the home computer and it was on disks, and he kept asking me how to enter it so I would help him do it, then our computer broke down something about memory not enough, personally I think his indexing fried our computer. Its been a month since he has passed and it was when I started looking at the family tree and seeing if I could add more info when I clicked on indexing and then memories flowed in about how I was helping him. So I am motivated by him to help others, so far I have submitted over 900 records, and not sure if it is a good amount, but I thank my dad and his inspiration for me to be able to continue his good works. Have had to reset my goals as I had accomplished it in a short time, not sure if I’m doing it right but I have check my percentage and its around the 90% so I guess I’m doing ok. So happy to fuel the find and will continue so, as it makes me feel closer to my dad and my heavenly father and my testimony grow stronger.

  6. This was my 2nd year to take part. It was awesome!. I am sure there was much rejoicing on the other side as the blessings of eternity are drawing near.

  7. Participating in the worldwide “Fuel the Find” was so exiting! I love to know that by indexing I’m giving people the spiritual blessings they want and deserve!

    1. English Translation:

      I feel honored to participate in such an event , love family search , we are saviors on Mount Zion real

  8. It makes me very happy to be able to take part in this work. I just wish I could speak more languages.too me sinto horado em participar de tal evento,amo a familia search,somos salvadores no monte sião real…

  9. I started indexing on day two. Nobody else even got near the computer because I was always on it(indexing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I loved how I felt afterward!

  10. Que gran bendición tenemos con las tecnologias actuales de acelerar la obra de Nuestro Padre Celestial y lo mas importante de ser participantes de ella bendiciendo a nuestros antepasados, volviendo el corazón de los hijos a los padres y de los padres a los hijos, en verdad esta es una obra de amor!!!

    1. English Translation:

      What a great blessing we have with the current technologies to accelerate the work of our Heavenly Father and the most important to be participants of it blessing our ancestors, returning the hearts of the children to their fathers and the fathers to the childrens, in truth this is a work of love!!!

  11. I did a lot of indexing on the 1940 census. I am trying to get going again. I am using a Macintosh computer running OSX version 10.10.5. Most of the keyboard shortcuts do not work. Help! Ditto does not work, There must be thousands of people using Macintosh computers.

  12. As Stake Indexing Directors, my wife and I did our best to involve other indexers in our stake to participate in Fuel the Find. Although, the summer timing of the event was not convenient for many, it did cause us to load our old lap top witha few down loaded projects to complete while we were in the mountains of Idaho with our family. That was a new, good experience.