Helper Resources: The Go-to Page for Helping with Family History

March 24, 2020  - by 
Temple and family history consultants visiting the helper resources webpage.

Do you know where to find resources for helping others with temple and family history?

Helper Resources is a FamilySearch web page created for those with temple and family history callings—and anyone else wishing to help others with family history. It has training, tools, and information about updates that you can use to help others discover ancestors and connect with their family.

At Helper Resources, you’ll find everything you need to create fun, inspiring, personalized family history experiences and learn about your calling.

To access Helper Resources from the FamilySearch site, in the top right corner of the screen, click Help. Then click Helper Resources, and sign in.

how to get to helper resources from the FamilySearch home page.

What You Can Find on Helper Resources

  • Articles on temple and family history for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Calling information and how-to content.
  • Access to the Planner—your primary aid for creating personalized family history experiences.
  • Information on newly released updates to the FamilySearch website and apps.
  • A link to the FamilySearch Community, where people ask questions and find answers to common challenges.
  • A link to Easy Invitations, a new feature that identifies temple and family history opportunities you can share with members of your ward.
  • Family history videos, links to Church policy, instruction and inspiration from Church leaders, and more!

The Planner

The Planner is located on the right side of the screen. Your name appears in bold, near the top. Click your name, and you can enter the Planner for yourself and begin exploring how it works.

When you are ready, click ADD SOMEONE to request permission to use the Planner on behalf of that person. His or her name will then appear in the list titled “People You Are Helping.” Once that person accepts your request, you can click the name to begin helping.  

Easy Invitations

Easy Invitations enables you to quickly find meaningful temple and family history experiences for the people in your ward. To use it, first click the Easy Invitations link. When you do, you see a list of all of the people in your ward. To the right of each person’s name is a small icon indicating the type of temple and family history experiences available for that person at To the left is a link, which you can copy and send.

It’s that simple. Find the person’s name. See what experiences are available. Copy the link and send it to the person! The people you share with will likely still need some guidance, especially if it is their first time completing available experiences. Pointing them in the right direction has definitely never been easier.

the helper panel on FamilySearch

Our goal is to give you one place to go to find helpful information, tools, and other resources you can use to successfully help others with their temple and family history goals. It is important to remember, however, that although FamilySearch’s helper resource section can give you a great deal of information, your best tool in family history is the Holy Ghost. Remember to rely on the Spirit in the work you do, both for yourself and for others.

The information on Helper Resources is updated regularly. Visit the page often to make sure you don’t miss anything!

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  1. I have tried at various times to sign in. When I enter my valid email address (which i have had for years) it is rejected . There is confusion with the password I used to have, as well. I even tried entering a new password. Also I asked FamSearch for my old password (which was furnished) but nothing gets me signed in.

    1. The sign in requires a user name, which you created and registered with, and a password which you also selected. The user name is NOT your email address but it could be if you selected it as your user name.
      You can click on the “Help” button (top right hand corner of your screen), then click “Contact Us”, and send a request by email asking for BOTH user name AND password. ON receiving the answer you can then sign-in. Best wishes

    2. Dear Jean,
      I’m sorry about not being able to get connected to FamilySearch. I hope your problem has been corrected by now. I serve in the Family History Center in South Africa. When we are unable to help someone get connected, we call the help line. In the United States the number is 1-866-406-1830. Sometimes they are the only ones who can fix the problem.
      Good luck in your searches.
      Warm regards,
      Sister Peck

  2. Everything is put together so wonderfully. Is there a new pamphlet out with all the updates in it that I could get?

  3. I have been using Helper Resources ever since it was added to the website. Now, suddenly, all the people I have been helping using Helper Resources have disappeared. That doesn’t make helping others easy. I am very upset with ,y people being deleted.

    1. Hi Gayla! The planner is currently experiencing some technical difficulties and the engineering team is working on it. Please check again later to make sure it is working again for you.

  4. A dear friend of mine was the only member in her family. She did mountains of family history but never put it on She did not have a temple recommend herself and asked me to see to her family temple work after she was gone. Before she died, she gave me a GEDCOM of her work and I uploaded it to Now I am concerned that I might not have requested temple work for all of her family. I have her birthdate & membership number, but cannot access her family tree anymore. Can you help me?

  5. Eu também quero fazer mais esta muito difícil para mim

    Google Translate – Portuguese to English: I also want to make this more difficult for me