Helper Resources: The Go-to Page for Helping with Family History

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Do you know where to find resources for helping others with temple service and family history?

Helper Resources is a FamilySearch web page created for those with temple and family history callings—and anyone wishing to help others with family history. It has training, tools, and updates to help you successfully help others find and connect with their family.

At Helper Resources, you’ll find everything you need to create fun, inspiring, personalized family history experiences, as well as information to help you understand and magnify your calling.

To access Helper Resources from the FamilySearch site, in the top right corner of the screen, click Help. Then click Helper Resources, and sign in.

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What You Can Find on Helper Resources

  • Answers to frequently asked questions and more about your calling.
  • ThePlanner—your primary tool for organizing and planning your family history efforts.
  • Information on newly released updates to the FamilySearch website and apps.
  • Tips and activities to use when creating personalized family history experiences.
  • A link to FamilySearch’s online communities that are asking temple and family history questions.
  • Family history videos, links to Church policy, instruction and inspiration from Church leaders, and more!

The Updated Planner

When you visit the Helper Resources page, you can find the Planner on the left, under the People You Are Helping section. Here, you can add someone to the planner and view people you are helping right from the page. Learn more about using the Planner.

Screenshot of updated consultant planner.

Our goal is to give you one place to go to find helpful information, tools, and other resources you can use to successfully help others with their temple and family history goals. The information on Helper Resources is updated regularly. Visit the page often to make sure you don’t miss anything!

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  1. I have tried at various times to sign in. When I enter my valid email address (which i have had for years) it is rejected . There is confusion with the password I used to have, as well. I even tried entering a new password. Also I asked FamSearch for my old password (which was furnished) but nothing gets me signed in.