Guidelines for Missionaries Using Family History Center Computers

July 19, 2013  - by 

Those of us involved with family history have the wonderful opportunity to help both the living and the dead. It is a blessed experience to help and assist individuals as their hearts turn to their fathers and their fathers’ hearts turn to them. Family history is an excellent resource for missionary work, and working and coordinating with the local full-time missionaries is a great way to introduce individuals not of our faith to the vast free genealogical resources of the Church.

As part of this collaboration, please be aware of the following policies:

  • Those of other beliefs should feel free to ask about the Church, but they should not feel obligated to do so. Refer interested patrons to the missionaries.
  • Missionaries may not proselyte or teach lessons in the family history center, but they are encouraged to bring investigators to the center to learn about family history.
  • Missionaries can use the computers in the family history center to send emails or take online family history lessons. Where possible, missionary use of the center should be when it is open. Any exceptions would be coordinated by the center director and high councilor over family history. However, regarding recent changes to the missionary program, watch for additional information about this next month.
  • Some wonderful training resources on relate to how the family history center can support these priesthood efforts. To access the class Family History and Missionary Work, go to:

“I hope to see us dissolve the artificial boundary line we so often place between missionary work and temple and genealogical work, because it is the same great redemptive work!” (Spencer W. Kimball, “The Things of Eternity—Stand We in Jeopardy?” Ensign, Jan. 1977, 3).

Thank you so much for your continued consecrated efforts in your callings.


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  1. Dear Brother White,
    So good to see you doing such a wonderful job still.
    Always a pleasure to think of you doing this.

  2. This will be a good material for our ward council meeting to update all ward auxiliaries of their responsibilities to this work of salvation. Same also for the investigators and newly baptized members.

  3. Hi!
    Thank you for the resources and recent enhancements for FamilySearch. This is truly an awesome program!
    Is there a way to review and copy past monthly reports to Family Search?
    I have reviewed this with family search support and was unable to find a way for directors of family history centers to access past reports submitted to Family Search.
    Thank you.

  4. We are repainting our FHC, hanging new artwork of pictures of ancestors and a supporting document. These pictures are 20×30 with the document on the picture at least 8×10.
    We are doing this in preparation to pursue community involvement and missionary work.
    We are working to make our FHC an inspiring teaching expierence for all faiths.
    I now include ward missionary leaders from the 2 stakes in FHC letters and class schedules. We have more plans going foward. More classes, more teachers and more community involvement