The Golden Egg

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When we get together for our Easter Egg Hunt, there are two special types of eggs: green eggs and the golden egg. The green eggs have money in them (anything from coins to $20 bills), and are always well sought after. Oftentimes my mom will hide most of these in high places so that those who are in high school or college find them. I remember feeling so blessed as a college student when I found multiple eggs with $20 bills in them.

Among all the Easter eggs that my mom hides, she will hide ONE golden egg. Inside the egg is a picture of Jesus Christ. Whoever finds the golden egg gets something special and memorable, and then my mom will usually read something about the true meaning of Easter and the importance of the resurrection. I love this because it is fun but it also doesn’t leave out the most important part of Easter: Remembering our Savior Jesus Christ and all he has done for mankind. I will continue this tradition with my own family. (We do our big family Easter egg hunt the Saturday before Easter so as to not distract from Easter Sunday. However, my in-laws do it on Sunday and we enjoy that as well.)

Something my in-laws do is color-code all of the eggs. You can do this a couple of different ways. Either each person is assigned a color, or each person knows to find a certain number of each color. This keeps kids from getting into an “all about me” mode, and when they are done finding all of their eggs, they then help the younger kids find the rest of theirs. Besides just candy, my mother-in-law includes tokens of the Easter Story (and a scripture) inside several of the eggs. When all of the eggs have been found, we sit down and read about Christ’s Resurrection and show the symbols inside the eggs (thorn, rock, etc.).

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